Delivery Methods

Sony offers Free Deliveries for purchases over the value of £45. If the purchase value is under £45, you will be charged £7.99 for delivery and this will be added to the costs of your order during the checkout process. Sony currently covers the costs of any returns of products, provided returned in accordance with the Returns Policy.

For some products, there may be the option to select a specific day and/or time of day (i.e. morning or afternoon), subject to payment of an additional charge of £9.99 (on top of any standard delivery charge, where applicable). Where such additional delivery options are available, this will be presented as an option for you to select in the checkout pages. Please note, these additional delivery charges will not be refunded if you return your product.

Deliveries will only be made to addresses in the country of purchase. Sony will not deliver your products outside of the UK.

Once your purchase has been confirmed, you will receive the following communication related to your delivery:

If you have purchased a TV or large Audio product:

When your order is picked and packed, and ready for delivery, our carrier will contact you to inform you of your delivery window. On the day before delivery, you will receive a 2-hour slot indicating your delivery time. On the morning of the delivery date, you will receive a reminder that includes a time slot and tracking link by SMS and/or e-mail. You can change the delivery date if you are unable to be there at the time of the delivery date.

If you have purchased any other product:

When your order is picked, packed, and ready for delivery, our parcel carrier will inform the delivery date by SMS or e-mail. On the morning of the delivery date, you will receive a 1-hour delivery time slot. You can change the delivery date if you cannot be there at the time of the delivery date.

Please note that deliveries to some areas may take longer than the normal stated delivery times on our website.

See below for the list of postcodes with longer delivery lead times.

All Products except TV and Large Box items
PostcodesDelivery Service Speed
HS 1-9within 5days
KW15-17within 5days
TR21-25within 5days
ZE 1-3within 5days

TV's and Large Box items (like Home Theatre systems)
PostcodesDelivery Service Speed
BT 1-23, 27-29, 31, 33-43, 47-49, 51-58, 62-67Within 12 Working Days
BT 24-26, 30, 32, 44-46, 60, 61, 68-71, 74-82, 92-94Within 15 Working Days
JE, GYWithin 10 Working Days
TR 21-25Within 10 Working Days
HSWithin 10 Working Days
KA 27-28Within 10 Working Days
KW 15-17Within 10 Working Days
PA 20-25, 27, 41-49, 60-78, 80Within 10 Working Days
PH 41-44Within 10 Working Days
ZEWithin 10 Working Days
IVWithin 7 Working Days
KW 1-14Within 7 Working Days
PH 19-40, 49-50Within 7 Working Days
IMWithin 5 Working Days
AB 31-38, 41-45, 51-56 Within 5 Working Days
DG (all)Within 5 Working Days
FK 17-21Within 5 Working Days
KA 26Within 5 Working Days
PA 26, 28-38Within 5 Working Days
PH 6-18Within 5 Working Days
TD (all)Within 5 Working Days
LD (all)Within 5 Working Days
LL 23-78Within 5 Working Days
SA 19-20, 35-38, 40-48, 61-73, 80Within 5 Working Days
SY 10, 13-25Within 5 Working Days
BH 19-20Within 5 Working Days
CM 0Within 5 Working Days
DL 8, 11-13Within 5 Working Days
DT 3-5Within 5 Working Days
HR (all)Within 5 Working Days
HU 12, 19Within 5 Working Days
LA 18-20Within 5 Working Days
ME 3, 11-12Within 5 Working Days
NE 19, 46-49, 65-71Within 5 Working Days
PL 8-11, 13, 23, 28-29Within 5 Working Days
PO 30 – 41Within 5 Working Days
SS 3-4Within 5 Working Days
TQ 5-8Within 5 Working Days