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  • VGN-FW51JF_H hard-drive failure - options?

    Dear Sir,Almost two years ago I encountered with the same problem while I was trying to use my lovely VGN-AR190G. I replaced its HDDs with a brand new 60GB Corsair SSD and after reinstalling the...

  • vgn-fj3s

    hello alli have a problem herei just format my vgn-fj3s sony vaio laptopbut instead of  xp i put vista an d now i cant find drivers forhas anyne an ideathnx in advancebigbourou

  • vgn death ????

    my vgn a417m's (according to the local computer shop) mother board  has died. the lightys are on but the screen is black any ideas, should i  get them to replace the mother board for about £200 or...