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  • UWA-BR100 Internet Connection

    Trying to connect KDL-40CX520 & BPD-S380 to internet via UWA-BR100, but signal strength drop to 0 instantly it connects. Why?

  • uwa-br100 working with public network/btopenzone?

    Hi I'm interested to know whether the wifi dongle UWA-BR100 would work on a public network like bt opennzone. Its a bit of a gamble to pay for one if it doesn't work! Thanks to anyone that could shed...

  • Bravia KDL-46Z4500 & UWA-BR100 WLAN connection

    I have a Bravia KDL-46Z4500, and am trying to connect to my home PC WLAN network using a UWA-BR100 WLAN adapter connected to the USB port of my Bravia TV.  So far nothing seems to happen when I...

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