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  • sony vaio SVE1711R1EB wi-fi speed

    Hi, My sony vaio SVE1711R1EB laptop's wi-fi is spec'ed to operate at up to 150Mbps Tx/Rx however it only operates at 72Mbps and VAIO's tech support reckons that this will all it will do hence this...

  • Sony Viao SVE1711R1EB - Win 7 - Windows Explorer

    Hi Can anyone help, please... Windows Explorer is bombing out on me every time I try to access folders on either the hard drive or any external devices. The notebook is just a couple of months old...


    Hi allSony Vaio SVE1711R1EB when I boot i get the messageS.M.A.R.T HARD DRIVE DETECTS ERROR suggests I back up and press any key to continue.Also windows message What should I do?Please adviseThank...

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