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  • SVE1511W1ESI Hyper V support

    Hi all,I recently upgraded my laptop to Windows 8. I came to install Hyper V on it and all worked as expected. When it came to run a virtual machine I noticed I was getting errors. I went into the...

  • 'Operating system not found' then fine on a reboot..

    I recently had to put my laptop in to a repair mode where it recovered all the files on the computer, but not the apps or settings not really sure why, could have been a virus?  Since then I've been...

  • Touchpad not working after updating to Windows 8.1

    Hi All, I am using Sony Vaio SVE1511W1ESI model. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 yesterday and to my surprise, my touchpad stopped working after the update.  Is anyone facing the same issue ? If yes, can...

From Support
  • Why can’t I find my VAIO model on the website?

    svf15a1c5e pcg61611m sve1713w1eb sve1511d1ew sve151309esi sve1511q1esi svt131a11n svf1521p1rw svt112a3yv svf1521w1eb svf15212snb sve1711q1rb sve1511j1esi sve14a3 svf15n2m2rs sve1713l1r svs131a12m svs1311e3e sve141r11w

  • How to connect VAIO win8 to network speakers

    SVT1113M1RS SVE1513U1RW SVT1313K1RS SVE1513V1ESI SVT1313L1ES SVE1513W1EB SVT1313L1RS SVE1513W1ESI SVT1313M1ES SVE1513W1RB SVT1313M1RS SVE1513X9RB SVT1313S1ES SVE1513Y1ESI SVT1313V1ES SVE1513Z1EB SVT1313X9RS