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  • XQD/SD Card Reader

    XQD/SD Card Reader


    Perfect solution to quickly transfer large data from XQD and SD cards to the PC. Transfer 60GB data in approximately 3 minutes.

  • XQD Cards

    View the range of ultra-fast XQD cards and SD / XQD memory card readers for Sony products. Find the perfect memory card to suit your data needs.

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  • Sony IDC & Minolta .MRW File Format Handling

    Ahoy! I'm expecting a Minolta 7D to land in a few days time and assume the  original software CD won't be supplied (I could be wrong).  The  standard Minolta .MRW RAW file software isn't available...

  • Re: DSC-HX60

    Hi, Depends on which connection the projector is capable to handle. If it's an USB connection you can use such kind of adaptor for the memory card which is used with your camera:...

  • Re: Looking back

    Thanks. This was the A7 with LA-EA7 and the 70-400G. I had to handhold as I couldn't find my tripod. I had to be quick as a few dogs and their walkers were approaching.