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  • HDR-SR12

    I have the thumbnails showing on the camera screen, but they will not play. It states that no applicable files available. Nothing works through TV either. I also use a Sony VRD-MC5 to transfer files...

  • HDR-SR12 camcorder

    HDR-SR12 camcorder with lens cover not open error. This first happen about two weeks ago and I turn it on and of and everything was OKHowever today the lens cover just would not open.

  • HDR-SR12 , hard problem

    Hi , my camcorder is Hdr-sr12 , A few days ago i formated it by computer and now it shows hard eror when i turn on it. i formated it sevral time but it didn't been true , i don't understand where is...

From Support
  • HDR and HDR Video

    High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a new video format, producing content that displays a wider range of brightness compared to the standard format. HDR Video is a picture mode for viewing videos in HDR format. NOTES