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Software: AXS-R5 : Binary Package V1.20

April 10, 2013
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1.) HXR-IFR5 Support
- Connection with HXR-IFR5 Interface Unit is supported to record 2K/4K RAW in combination with NEX-FS700 up to 60P (4K) or 240P (2K) on AXS-R5.
2.) AXS memory cards
- Fixed an issue where the Life indication for some AXS memory cards was displayed incorrectly on the media status display. For details about the Life indication, refer to the Operating Instructions of the connected device.
- Fixed a rare issue where an AXS memory card was not recognized after being inserted.
- Improved the AXS memory card restore function, improving the quality of data recovery.
You need the AXSM Drive Utility to install this software.
This s/w is only compatible with PMW-F55/F5 Binary Package V1.13 and V1.14. For full compatibility, it is recommended that the AXS-512S24 media is upgraded to V1.20.

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Version Upgrade Procedure + Release Notes 1.06MB - Download
Binary Package V1.20 13.9MB Please read Version Upgrade Procedure carefully before starting update Download