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The new XDCAM for a new era

REC+share with the new XDCAM family

Meet all-new XDCAM. The legendary pro camcorder family has been reinvented for a new generation. With spectacular picture quality, multi-codec flexibility and wireless streaming, it's never been easier to record and share great-looking content with absolute confidence.

From ultra-compact handhelds to tough shoulder-mounted workhorses, XDCAM serves up the creative flexibility, sure handling and sheer reliability that broadcasters and freelancers the world over depend on.

Explore Sony's latest camcorder line-up - and discover the evolution of XDCAM by Sony:

The XDCAM Family

Better pictures when it matters

Whatever you’re shooting – news, docs, sports or web TV – XDCAM puts fabulous pictures right at the top of the agenda. Sony’s famous image sensors give you crisper detail, richer colours, wider dynamic range and ultra-low noise, even when you’re chasing the light indoors or at dusk. Wherever your creative impulse or the action takes you, you’ll be rewarded by HD images with that extra wow factor that audiences love.

XAVC - tomorrow's workflow today

We’ve created new XDCAM to suit the way today’s content creators really work. And at the heart of XDCAM is support for the XAVC format that’s rapidly becoming the new standard for image quality and flexibility – whether you’re making news, music promos and even 4K movies.

XAVC is based around the H.264 coding standard, giving XDCAM the next step in codec performance with reduced bitrates and file sizes without sacrificing brilliant on-screen quality. It’s also an extremely flexible and scalable coding scheme, supporting pixel resolutions from low-res proxies right up to 4K.

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Better still, there are now two versions of XAVC to meet different workflow needs. The first intra-frame version of XAVC that encodes each frame individually, with no need to refer to preceding or successive frames. And that means it’s easier to edit , perform instant slow motion replay and produces fewer on-screen artifacts, especially with scenes containing rapid motion.

There’s also a new Long GOP based, providing files at HD4:2:2 with 10-bit precision right up to a maximum 50 Mbps for spectacular picture quality at normal broadcast bitrates. XAVC has been developed by Sony as an open format. Over 69 leading companies are already supporting the XAVC format and workflow with a fast-growing ecosystem of NLEs, servers and other products that makes it an even more appealing solution for media professionals everywhere.

Be first on air

You can't afford to hang around. Keeping audiences engaged means being first to air or on the web. New XDCAM makes it easy and cost-effective with built-in wireless connectivity.

Experience XDCAM at our free REC+share masterclasses. Get hands on with our latest products and learn more about workflow innovation.

With demonstrations, tips and advice from Sony Independent Certified Experts, it’s a great way to discover the camera that’s right for you.

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Meet the all-new XDCAM camcorder family

You’ll find an XDCAM camcorder from Sony to suit your creative ambitions, workflow needs and budget.