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4,300 lumens WUXGA 3LCD Installation projector (colour availability may vary by country)

High brightness and low maintenance - great performance for any environment

The VPL-FH31 is designed to fit smoothly into almost any environment where a high-quality projector is required. Its brightness, zoom and throw range, coupled with its wide lens shift range, mean it can perform where other projectors would struggle - even in high ambient light.

Once installed, the VPL-FH31 has excellent image capabilities and a long lifespan that delivers low Total Cost of Ownership. Sony's BrightEra technology improves and maintains colour purity throughout the life of the system by protecting the LCD panels against harmful ultra violet light. Clever features such as synchronised lamp and filter replacement cycles reduce costs and downtime.

Featuring the usual wide range of features, the VPL-FH31 also allows for edge blend (multiple projectors with seamless connection), warping and Portrait mode installation for retail, corporate signage applications. Other features include advanced projection capabilities such as side-by-side image projection and DICOM medical training, the VPL-FH31 is an obvious projector choice for venues that demand quality, unique installation locations and practicality.

VPLFH31/W is a white model.

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Datasheet : VPL-FH31 & VPL-FH36 (EN)

Datasheet : VPL-FH31 & VPL-FH36 (EN)

Range Guide Summer 2017

Range Guide Summer 2017

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