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A6 Digital Black and White Thermal Printer with DC power input

High speed, high quality black & white printing of medical images with compact footprint and DC powering

The UP-D898DC is a compact A6 medical grade black and white digital printer, operating on a 12-24V DC power source from other medical systems.

It’s designed to be integrated into a wide range of compatible medical imaging environments such as digital ultrasound systems, mobile C-arms or cardiac catheterisation laboratory. The high quality thermal print engine can produce hard copy prints of still images captured by these systems for use in patient records and referrals.

(Please note that images printed from the UP-D898DC are not to be used for diagnosis).

The UP-D898DC is DC supply version of the UP-898 printer series.It features same front panel design (as UP-D898MD) and offers several operational and ergonomic enhancements, offering an even more space saving footprint - approximately 75 mm slimmer and 0.7 kg lighter - than predecessor UP-D898MD.

The printer is capable of delivering high-quality black & white prints in under two seconds. Advanced thermal printing technology delivers near-photo quality results using widely available print media.

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