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TMS Lite - Theatre Management System software for smaller and independent cinemas

Intuitive, cost-effective digital projector management and scheduling for cinemas with up to ten screens

It’s simpler and more efficient than ever for small- to medium-sized cinemas to manage their fleet of digital projectors.

Ideal for independent exhibitors with up to ten screens, TMS Lite is an affordably-priced theatre management solution. It’s compatible with Sony’s SRX-R320 and SRX-R515 4K projector families, as well as third-party cinema servers by Dolby, Doremi and GDC.

TMS Lite helps operators with all aspects of their workflow – from creating and editing weekly schedules and show playlists to managing keys and monitoring projector issues. It’s refreshingly easy to use, with a friendly interface that dramatically shortens the learning curve for projection staff.

Sharing many core functions of TMS (STM-100 Theatre Management System software), TMS Lite only requires a modestly-specified standard PC running Windows 7 or a server running Windows Server 2008. It can easily be upgraded at any time to the full version of TMS with the purchase of an optional license key.

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