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DVCAM Compact Editing Recorder - Master Series

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The go-anywhere, do-anything digital videocassette recorder.

Because a quick turnaround is essential in professional video production, it's important to ensure your editing equipment won't slow you down. The new DSR-1500AP DVCAM Editing Recorder from Sony offers a host of professional features and built-in flexibility.

Various optional interface boards let you configure the DSR-1500AP to suit a range of video applications, from simple playback to high-quality source feeding for linear or non-linear editing. Its space-saving, half-rack design makes it ideal for installation in OB vehicles and in desktop editing systems.

Play back compatible with DV formats, the DSR-1500AP also ensures an easy migration path to more sophisticated systems.

  • Automatic DV format change

    The DSR-1500AP automatically detects DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO tape formats.

  • Playback of three sizes of DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO cassettes

    The DV formats include not only DVCAM and DV but also the DVCPRO format. Three cassette sizes utilised for these formats. All these tapes can be played back in the DSR-1500AP without any special mechanical adapter.

  • No need to dub up to other higher formats, which is often required on other DV VTRs

    The editing functions such as digital slow motion, jog audio and DMC are all available for all DV tape formats. Superb jog audio lets you easily handle all the DV tape formats as direct editing sources. This means that, even when using DV or DVCPRO recorded tapes as editing sources, there is no need to dub to other, higher, formats.

  • i.LINK interface as standard

    The DSR-1500AP is newly equipped with i.LINK interface as standard (optional on the DSR-1500P).
    The i.LINK interface enables a single cable to simultaneously carry digital video and audio signals as well as data and control signals, with no quality deterioration. This simple connection offeRs an ideal for interconnecting the DSR-1500AP with i.LINK equipped non-linear editing systems and other computer-related products.

  • Consumer DV (SP) recording capability

    Should you require a longer recording time than what is available with DVCAM format, the DSR-1500AP can also record in Consumer DV format (SP only). A standard-size DVCAM cassette can record for up to 276 minutes, while a mini-size cassette records for up to 60 minutes.
    In addition, without any rewiring, an edited program can be recorded directly with DV format for distribution purposes.

  • Compact design

    At only half-rack size (3U high), the DSR-1500AP fits easily into a variety of user environments. Often used as an editor or feeder machine in desktop nonlinear editing systems, it can also be installed in confined spaces such as OB vehicles.

  • The wide aspect ID (16:9) can be recorded or erased

    Pictures recorded in a 16:9 aspect ratio include a wide aspect ID located in the VITC. The DSR-1500AP can record or erase this ID. For example, if you don’t want this ID signal to appear on a TV display, this ID can be erased. If the video signal passes through an editing or effects system this ID signal is often removed. The DSR-1500AP can re-record it.

  • Minimised video degradation

    Due to a newly developed filter colour blurring during baseband dubbing (e.g. SDI or analogue component) has been significantly reduced.

  • No Generator required to record a pre-striped tape

    The DSR-1500AP incorporates an internal signal generator. This generates either colour bars (100% or 75%) or black /burst signals for video and a 1 kHz tone or silence for audio. This function is convenient for recording a pre-striped tape prior to editing.

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