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A feature rich HDV VTR for professionals

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  • HDV/DVCAM/DV Compatible

    The HVR-M25E can switch between HDV 1080i, DVCAM and DV recording and play back, providing full flexibility to record and play back either Standard or High Definition depending on production needs.

  • Dual-size Cassette Mechanism

    The HVR-M25E accepts both standard and mini size HDV, DVCAM, and DV cassettes without using any special adaptor. It allows for HDV recording for up to 276 minutes with a DigitalMaster™ Cassette - ideal when longer recoding times are required.

  • Down-conversion Capabilities

    The HVR-M25E allows down conversion from HDV1080i format. Analogue outputs (component/S-Video/Composite) and the i.LINK interface can provide a standard definition signal in either DVCAM or DV if required.

  • 50/60Hz Switchable

    The HVR-M25E is compatible with both 50 and 60 Hz use - providing greater user flexibility to make and edit productions on a worldwide basis.


    The HVR-M25E is equipped with HDV/DV IN TC, enabling time code synchronization with external equipment - ideal when dubbing tapes or recording to tapes with material edited by nonlinear editing systems.

  • 2.7" 16:9 LCD Monitor

    The HVR-M25E has a 2.7" wide LCD panel enabling operators to check 16:9 aspect pictures images, audio level meter and set-up menu. The newly developed "Clear Photo LCD plus" further improves the visibility of previous LCDs, offering more detailed and colorful photography of objects in dark or bright places.

  • HDMI Output

    HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a specification for the input-output interface of uncompressed HD digital video and multi-channel audio, and has become the standard for HDTV and other CE devices. As such the HVR-M25E can be easily connected to such devices for added user flexibility.

  • Duplicate Plus

    The Duplicate Plus is a dubbing function that can duplicate the tape with timecodes via an i.LINK interface. By using the Duplicate Plus button it helps to make a work tape, which contains the exact timecode that the original source tape contains.

  • Edge Crop Adjust

    The HVR-M25E is able to adjust the edge crop position when down converting from HD (16:9 aspect ratio) to SD (4:3 aspect ratio). By displaying the edge crop marker on the monitor, you can check the crop position on the LCD monitor before down converting.

  • Custom Repeat

    The HVR-M25E has an Auto Repeat function that enables it to repeatedly play back a program. In addition, the HVR-M25E has a Custom Repeat function that allows operators to set a repeat number of times, a repeat interval, and a start time of repeat.

  • Time code settings

    The time code can be preset using any number in H/M/S/F (hours/minutes/seconds/frames), for accurate tape-position information.

  • Assign Buttons

    Other than the default functions, frequently used functions can be assigned for convenient and customized operation.

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