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E PZ 18-110mm F4 G OSS

Super 35/APS-C power zoom for 4K movies

18 to 110 mm* zoom covers the most frequently used range for Super 35/APS-C movies with a constant F4 maximum aperture. G Lens optical performance delivers image quality that is suitable for 4K production throughout, right out to the image periphery. Sony SMO design minimizes image shift due to lens operation, while high-level zoom control and refined focus add to professional overall performance.

*27-165 35mm equivalent focal-length (APS-C)

  • For professional Super 35/APS-C production

    An 18~110 mm powered zoom for Super 35/APS-C moviemaking, with constant F4 maximum aperture. G Lens optics deliver high resolution that is ideal for 4K production.

  • Smooth Motion Optics meet pro cinema needs

    Sony’s original SMO (Smooth Motion Optics) design and construction minimizes breathing, axial shift, and focus shift while ensuring smooth, quiet operation.

  • High-level, versatile zoom control

    Smooth powered zoom plus lag-free mechanical manual zoom. Accurate zooming without overshoot or undershoot. Switchable zoom ring direction, smooth slow powered zoom, and more.

  • Ideal size and weight for active shooting

    A compact, lightweight design makes this lens ideal for situations that require mobility for active handheld camera work.

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