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DVCAM Handy-type Camcorder - 1/4.7-inch MegaPixel 3CCD, 16:9/4:3 switchable, USB Streaming, 3.5-inch LCD monitor

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The "Anycast" camcorder.

A new addition to the DVCAM camcorder family, the Sony DSR-PDX10P with its 3-CCD Mega Pixel CCD provides superb picture quality in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Within its compact body, this camcorder incorporates sophisticated features, including a USB port for streaming video and audio, and a Memory Stick function that adds convenience to MPEG movie and still-picture recording. With a wide range of features, the DSR-PDX10P offers new opportunities in a variety of professional applications.

The DSR-PDX10P is also supplied in Europe with Composer Pro lite from Oplayo allowing the customer to create content that can be streamed on many devices including mobile phones.

  • Reliability thanks to DVCAM / DV recording mode

    DSR-PDX10P adopts the DVCAM format to offer superior video and audio quality, and reliability for professional use. It adopts the audio lock mode for professional audio editing. At the same time, it is capable of recording and playing back DV format (SP mode only). DV format recording is useful when the user needs as long a recording time as possible.

  • Professional time code management

    In DVCAM mode, timecode can be preset. The time code mode can be selected from rec-run or free-run. Free run is useful for running with other equipment giving approximately the same timecode between all equipment. User bits can be preset as well.

  • Superior 16:9 picture quality

    Thanks to the Mega Pixel technology and a new way to manage the capture, the DSR-PDX10P offers a similar high resolution in both 4:3 and 16:9 modes. In a world where demand is increasing for DVD material recorded in 16:9 format the DSR-PDX10P will offer the best performance. Click,here for a diagram.

  • "Anycast" ready

    The DSR-PDX10P is bundled, in Europe, with Oplayo Composer Pro Lite allowing the creation of streaming content for virtually any web-enabled device. This includes mobile phones, PDAs, PCs and Macs. For the first time it is possible to stream video media direct to a GPRS enabled phone such as the Sony Ericsson P800.

  • Flexible 246,000 pixel, LCD monitor with touch panel function

    DSR-PDX10P has a convenient high-resolution LCD color monitor for monitoring the recording picture, or checking playback picture on the scene. It is also useful for setting menu items, adjusting audio levels or for monitoring the camera status including audio meter. Touch panel operation assists operation:- Spot focus: To adjust the focus, just touch the part of the picture to focus on. Spot AE: To adjust the exposure, again just touch the part of the picture on which to centre AE function. Playback Zoom: During playback touch the part of the picture on which to achieve x2 zoom. Memory Play: Touch screen playback of pictures on the “Memory Stick. Index play: To display 6 pictures at one time. Slide show: To playback still pictures in sequence. Memory Mix: The image in the “Memory Stick” and the camera image can be combined.

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