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A full shooting kit for a compact camcorder can include a large number of items and quickly becomes difficult to store and carry with you to your next shoot. The LCH-GT1P is a truly rugged solution that makes it easy to securely transport your equipment. It includes numerous features specifically created to meet the unique needs of professional camcorder users.

The LCH-GT1BP securely and comfortably carries an HDV or DVCAM hand-held camcorder with fitted wide angle conversion lens and shotgun microphone within a protective custom cut foam interior. The case features additional cut-out sections designed to hold two batteries and two spare tapes as well as other essential accessories, for example, a AC-VQL1BP battery charger, a HVL-LBPA LED camcorder light and a RM-1000BP LANC remote commander.

The LCH-GT1BP is watertight and dust proof ensuring your equipment is protected in the most rugged environments. Added to this the carry case also features stainless steel padlock protectors to prevent against theft and its strong casing means your camcorder will not be damaged in transit.

Integrated rubber wheels and a retractable handle mean that it's easy to transport the LCH-GT1BP and a full set of kit to any location.

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