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4K digital cinema projection system designed for medium to larger sized screens

Continuing to redefine the digital cinema experience

The SRX-R320 projection system, incorporating LMT-300 Media Block, represents the next stage in the evolution of digital cinema - enabling exhibitors to project movies with an on-screen resolution that ensures the best viewing experience available for cinema-goers. It is specifically designed to display 4K movies, 2K movies and high definition 'alternative content' on screens up to 20 metres wide at the highest quality level defined by the DCI.

The SRX-R320 builds on the success of the SRX-R220 by delivering the same industry leading 4K projection technology and security performance with a new projector housing specifically engineered to meet FIPS 140/2 security requirements. In addition, the SRX-R320 features a new compact body which increases installation flexibility.

  • Outstanding image detail for greater audience immersion

    The ultra high resolution of 4K provides more realistic images allowing greater audience immersion. 4K movies not only bring the visual experience enjoyed by the director right to the cinema audience but also keeps the cinema experience ahead of HD home entertainment. Offering 4K projection also provides a source of differentiation over cinemas equipped with standard digital projection.

  • Outstanding 3D performance

    Sony’s unique dual lens for 3D simultaneously projects the Left and Right eye images to give the benefits of a dual projection system from a single projector.

  • Displays high quality 4K and 2K movies and HD alternative content

    Sony projection systems have the flexibility to allow the exhibition of mainstream movies with the opportunity for additional revenue streams from exhibiting high quality video-based Alternative Content. The display of lower resolution 2K and HD content is enhanced through automatic up-conversion to a 4K equivalent image before projection.

  • A fully integrated projection system from a single supplier

    Sony is uniquely the only supplier able to provide the complete digital cinema projection system comprising projector, cinema server and highly integrated screen management system. For larger installations Sony can also provide its STM-100 Theatre Management System software to handle scheduling management and status monitoring across a large cinema complex.

  • The most future proof solution

    HD is already becoming established as a mainstream consumer format at a time when many cinemas are installing digital projection offering a similar resolution. While the bulk of movie distribution is currently done at 2K, movie production and distribution is increasingly choosing to work at 4K. Choosing Sony 4K projection allows exhibitors to benefit from compatibility with today’s 2K movies and offer the enhanced experience of 4K today and throughout the lifetime of the investment.

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Training Courses for Sony Digital Cinema 4K

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