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February 24, 2014
Sony’s IPELA ENGINE PRO SNC-WR632 camera receives an MTP 2014 Golden Medal

Sony’s IPELA ENGINE PRO SNC-WR632 camera receives an MTP 2014 Golden Medal

Warsaw, 24 February 2014: The MTP Golden Medal judges of the SECUREX International Security Fair 2014 (Poznan, Poland), chaired by Prof. Dr Bogdan Branowski, awarded 23 MTP Golden Medals after a secret ballot vote. One of the winners was Sony's SNC-WR632 rapid dome network camera for outdoor use. The camera was launched in Europe in January 2014 and features a number of features previously unavailable in Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras that makes the SNC-WR632 an exceptionally functional device with brilliant, Full HD picture quality in all weather conditions.

"We are very proud of this award and happy that we already include the Sony SNC-WR632 in our offerings", stated Monika Giełzak-Dudek, Channel Account Manager for the East region at Sony Europe. "Combining a frame rate of 60 fps with Full HD resolution results in an exceptionally detailed picture for frame-by-frame analysis. Wide dynamic range is provided via a unique technology available only on Sony devices — the innovative View-DR technology. With View-DR your SNC-WR632 can have a wide dynamic range of 130 dB in Full HD. This feature improves picture quality in environments characterised by variable lighting conditions. We see a great deal of potential in this camera, which we think will make it possible to meet customers’ expectations in very demanding locations, such as airports and stadiums."

Designed to adapt to challenging environments

To achieve 130dB dynamic range, the Sony SNC-WR632 sensor captures images at 120 fps with different shutter speeds, using the ViewDR algorithm to combine these four frames into one, then the Visibility Enhancer is applied to improve image quality. All of these solutions have enabled surveillance in places characterised by high contrast, such as airports, stadiums and cities. The effects of camera shake are minimised thanks to integrated gyroscopic image stabilisation. This is particularly important for outdoor installations (e.g. on poles).  The use of gyroscopic image stabilisation on a full HD PTZ camera is a solution unique to Sony. The camera also offers a Defog mode to enhance low contrast scenes in bad weather conditions, such as fog, rain and snow  A combination of DEPA Advanced analytics and face detection allow the user to focus on specific events, which is of critical importance in video surveillance.

The SNC-WR632 offers a powerful 30x optical zoom for detailed close-ups without loss of quality, as well as autofocus functionality.  700°/s horizontal and vertical pan speed lets you instantly choose the desired preset and allows for fast surveillance.  The camera can work in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C.* It supports 24V AC power supply as well as HPoE+ power sources. Furthermore, the SNC-WR632 features an alarm connector as well as an RS-485 port, enabling communication with additional devices, expanding camera functionality. The equipment is waterproof to IP66 and IK10 vandal resistant.  . SNC-WR632 is supplied with a 3-year warranty, which sets it apart from other rotating PTZ cameras.

*When used with AC 24V.

Sony SNC-WR632 offers a range of functions that were previously unavailable in PTZ cameras, which include:

-Wide Dynamic Range at 130 dB in Full HD

-High sensor sensitivity of 1.4 LUX at F1.6 50 IRE in Colour mode and 0.15 lx in B/W mode

-Gyroscopic Image Stabilisation
-700°/s pan speed
-60 fps

More information about the MTP Golden Medal

This is one of the most prestigious and respected awards in Poland, and boasting three decades of tradition. Almost 500 products compete in the MTP Golden Medal Awards every year. This exclusive prize can only be awarded to products that meet the competition criteria and receive a positive recommendation from the panel of experts. The competition judges, comprised of a team of experts and outstanding specialists who represent different areas of business, seek state of the art, innovative and high-quality products. The MTP Golden Medal is a testimony to excellence, being a great factor in market promotion.