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Ready for anything: industry-leading W Series rapid dome cameras

If you’re serious about surveillance, look no further than Sony’s high-performance W Series outdoor rapid dome cameras. They’re designed to deliver in the most challenging environments, when you need superb image quality that’s uncompromised by backlighting from sunlight, wind, rain or vibration.

Ready for anything: industry-leading W Series rapid dome cameras

Serious about security

From city streets and stadiums to airport perimeter surveillance. When security is mission-critical you need a network camera that’s up to the job, come rain or brilliant sunshine.

Four power-packed new W Series rapid dome cameras are optimised for the challenging wide-area surveillance applications, indoors or outside. Designed for dependable round-the-clock performance, they team superb image quality with a comprehensive feature list to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

All four W Series camera models combine immaculate picture quality with powerful analytics for smarter surveillance, thanks to Sony’s latest-generation IPELA ENGINE PRO™ processing platform.

View-DR technology

Unique to Sony, View-DR technology achieves an industry-leading dynamic range that’s equivalent to 130 dB at Full HD resolution. You’ll see clearly what’s happening in every scene – even with sun-drenched highlights or harshly backlit conditions where many other cameras struggle with extreme light and shade in the same scene.

As an extra enhancement, all models support frame rates as high as 60fps; double the frame rate of most IP cameras. Great for applications like banking or casinos, this helps an operator to spot and assess split-second incidents in recorded footage with unprecedented precision. Even when conditions are less than ideal, W Series cameras keep on delivering great-looking video footage you can depend on. Clear images are enhanced by a Defog Image Processing feature that reduces city smog or haze, while a powerful gyroscopic image stabiliser combats camera-shake caused by wind or vibration on a busy road bridge or motorway gantry.

360° pan tilt zoom operation

All four cameras are capable of continuous 360° PTZ operation, making them ideal for broad coverage of indoor or outdoor areas where unpredictable activity can happen anywhere in the scene. They also boast the industry’s fastest pan speed of 700°/s, letting an operator swiftly pinpoint areas of interest with a single, seamless motion. A powerful 30x optical zoom offers wide area coverage, plus the ability to grab detailed close-ups of an individual’s face or a suspicious package without losing clarity.

Two unitised models can operate reliably in extreme temperatures from -40C to +50C, so they’re equally suited to freezing winter conditions or sun-baked car parks in high summer. They’re also tough enough to handle unwanted attention with the extra reassurance of an IP66 water-resistant/IK10 anti-vandal rating.