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Clear savings: Meet our efficient business projectors

We explain how our energy-efficient projectors reward you with better-looking pictures – and lower running costs

Clear savings: Meet our efficient business projectors

Better pictures, whatever the application


Today’s busy AV/IT managers have a lot to think about. From schools and offices to public buildings, saving money is a top priority – not just in terms of up-front capital expenditure, but minimising operating costs over that hardware’s lifespan.

At Sony we spend a lot of time refining our smart, energy-efficient projectors so they’re cheaper to run as well as being kinder on the environment.

From portable desktop models to high-brightness installation models for demanding academic and commercial environments, the advanced optical design of our BrightEra 3LCD and SXRD display panel technologies ensures spectacular pictures plus remarkably frugal power consumption. The result: superior picture quality at the same on-screen brightness levels as their less-efficient peers, and with consistently lower energy bills.

Latest models – like our 6,000 lumen VPL-FHZ65 that won a coveted iF Design Award in 2016 – are packed with clever energy-saving features that drive down running costs even further.

Auto Dimming gradually reduces on-screen brightness after a preset time, or when the projector detects there’s no change in input signal. Picture Mute is another handy feature that instantly dims the picture at the touch of a button, cutting power consumption by 60% without turning the projector off. Touch the button again and the picture comes right back to life.

Start-up time is quicker than ever in our latest models. That’s another great energy saver, with no need to hang around for several minutes as the projector warms up before you can start presenting.

Lowest running costs: look to laser


And if you want super-fast start time, of course, then the only answer is a laser light source instead of a conventional UHP projection lamp. Our acclaimed Z-Phosphor laser projector family offers a range of brightness options, from 4,100 lumens all the way up to an eye-popping 7,000 lumens with the WUXGA resolution VPL-FHZ700L – a formidable choice for serious installation applications.

Whichever brightness level you pick, the long-lasting laser light source doesn’t need replacement over its rated 20,000 hour lifespan. In practice, that can mean anything up to ten years of uninterrupted operation. With no sudden lamp failures to worry about, that means a smaller stock of replacement bulbs, fewer maintenance visits and less time spent climbing ladders to look after projectors in hard-to-reach places. And as a welcome extra bonus, the mercury-free laser light source is kinder on the environment when it comes to end-of-life disposal.
Lamp or laser? Projection technologies compared.

There’s still good news if you opt for a conventional lamp source. The slightly higher capital cost of laser can make conventional lamps more attractive in some environments where the projector isn’t being used heavily. Models like our installation-friendly VPL-FH65 are great for a wide range of business, education and entertainment applications. Delivering a powerful 6,000 lumens output, the energy-efficient HPM lamp source is rated for an impressive 8,000 hours – far more than many of its shorter-lived rivals.

So there you have it. Laser or lamp, Sony 3LCD projectors cut the cost of delivering beautiful images that your audience won’t forget.

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