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Engage with BRAVIA and TDM digital signage software

Reaching customers with high-impact visual communications has never been more flexible or affordable. BRAVIA professional displays make a great match for easy-to-use TDM digital signage software. Blend text, graphics, video and live web content to create impressive multimedia displays in minutes. With TDM software and BRAVIA, you’re in total control… with less hassle and at lower cost.

Engage with BRAVIA and TDM digital signage software

Inspire customers with affordable, effective digital signage

Now everyone can engage their audiences with great-looking communications for less. Our BRAVIA professional displays are the ideal partner for TDM digital signage software. This affordable, easy-to-use authoring tool lets you combine text, graphics, video, social media feeds and other live web content to produce dynamic multimedia marketing messages.

There’s no need for expensive set-top boxes or media players. All you need is BRAVIA, TDM software and a network connection. You’re minutes away from creating dazzling, high-impact content to display wherever and whenever you like, on any number of screens.

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Everything you need to engage audiences

BRAVIA professional displays don’t need any extra hardware to play HTML5 content, the language of the Internet. And with TDM software it’s easy to create great-looking signage without special design skills.

So now you can produce high-impact signage for meeting rooms, reception areas, cafeterias, stores and shopping malls, schools and hospitals – or any other locations where it’s crucial to grab your audience’s attention.

TDM software comes with standard templates for sectors like retail, education and healthcare, making it easy to create compelling, media-rich signage in minutes.

Enrich your signage with content from other web sites, or streaming video from sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Keep communications up-to-the-minute with live information pulled from RSS, XML feeds or social media sites. With BRAVIA professional displays and TDM digital signage, you’re all set to make a great impression.

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