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Supporting clinicians with a 4K IP end-to-end medical workflow

4K resolution means medical imaging can be more accurate and informative for surgeons. Implementing a networked workflow solution – with the addition of IP conversion – we’re simplifying the sharing and management of content from the OR, across the hospital campus and beyond.

LMD-X550MD medical monitor

Leading the way in 4K

We understand surgeons and consultants need to rely on smooth, seamless distribution and sharing of videos or still image files alongside other patient records. And so our hospital workflow has evolved.

From the classic Standard Definition (SD) through to 4K Ultra HD – our latest generation of medical imaging systems now reveal more detail than ever, helping clinicians capture and review complex procedures in the OR with greater accuracy.

The benefits of this shift to higher resolution are clear. The increased pixel count and extended colour palette of 4K provides surgeons with richly detailed images. And there’s still plenty of pixilation-free detail to see, even when images are zoomed in for a closer look on displays like our LMD-X550MD and LMD-X310MD 4K LCD medical monitors.

Footage from today’s ultra-high resolution endoscopic camera systems and surgical microscopes can be captured by the new HVO-4000MT 4K medical recorder. As video files get bigger, managing all that extra data puts a bigger strain on hospital networks and storage systems. What about all that extra bandwidth that's now required?

Leading the way with all-IP workflow


At Sony we’re leading the way with a complete IP-based 4K medical imaging workflow solution. For the first time, hospitals can store, share and manage 4K Ultra HD video content across ordinary IT networks.

Key to this streamlined workflow is our new CMDS-MS20MD Content Management System (CMS)* that streamlines the storage, editing, distribution and archive of 4K surgical videos plus still images and other associated files from multiple Operating Rooms. Via a simple web browser interface, the CMS can manage 4K content recorded with the HVO-4000MT. It can also capture live video from other IP room cameras and encoders for various imaging devices, storing footage as editable files.

An intuitive interface allows easy searches from hours of stored 4K content. Video can be easily cut edited and linked with patient data from other hospital systems for powerful, intuitive searches. Low bit-rate proxy files are created automatically from high-resolution video for efficient streaming across hospital networks and viewing on any PC.

Watch the video to learn more about the Content Management System

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New IP converter carries 4K images

HVO-4000MT 4K recorder

Distributing and routing high-bandwidth 4K content requires extra cabling compared with ordinary HD video systems. To make life simpler for hospitals, we’ve developed new IP converters, NU-IP40D and NU-IP40S, that allow uncompressed 4K images to be carried between devices over a network connection using two 10Gb optical cables.

NU-IP40D and NU-IP40S also feature a virtually loss-less compression mode. This allows 4K content to be transmitted with extremely low latency via a single cable. The second cable provides redundancy in case transmission is accidentally interrupted if the other cable’s broken or disconnected. This dramatically simplifies the sharing of real-time video in the OR and across other areas of the hospital – and with no need to worry about video cable lengths, latency or dropouts.

Want to know how Sony can transform your 4K medical imaging workflow? Get in touch to find out more about our 4K video recording, storage and content management solutions for every hospital.

*CMS is intended to be used for education or training purposes only.

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