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Seeing, viewing and sharing: Sony’s 3D medical workflow

Sony’s end-to-end 3D medical workflow helps surgeons, operating theatre staff and educators benefit from a truer visual experience. From image capture and display to recording, editing and presentation, Sony 3D enables better visual communications across the hospital campus and beyond.

Seeing, viewing and sharing: Sony’s 3D medical workflow

Giving visual communication an extra dimension

Seeing in a third dimension enhances communication between surgeons, OR staff, patients and students. From capture to viewing and sharing, Sony integrates 3D into every phase of today’s clinical workflow with a full range of imaging products and solutions.


Sony 3D medical video cameras such as the MCC-3000MT allow finely-detailed 3D images to be captured in the OR for viewing and sharing with other consultants, teaching staff and students. The 3D video camera’s twin heads attach directly to the operating microscope, providing a precise view in three dimensions to accurately match what the surgeon sees in real time.


Comfortable, flicker-free stereoscopic images can be displayed via a choice of Full HD 3D medical LCD monitors including the LMD-2451MT and LMD-3251MT. Surgeons and supporting OR staff benefit from a smooth, uninterrupted view of multiple monitors whilst wearing light, comfortable polarised glasses.

Providing a uniquely immersive view of intricate surgical procedures inside the body, Sony’s HMS-3000MT Head Mount Display offers a 3D colour video display of images from surgical endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible 3D medical imaging systems. An additional headset can be connected for simultaneous viewing by another surgeon or OR assistant.


The HVO-3000MT 3D medical video recorder provides higher picture quality with both 3D and 2D images captured in the Operating Room or consulting suite. HD video can be recorded onto the internal hard disk drive or a choice of removable media for easy sharing with other clinicians and students.


Once it’s recorded, 3D content can be prepared for archive and sharing with [non-medical] Vegas™ Pro, Sony’s widely-acclaimed professional video production environment that includes a range of powerful yet easy to use 3D editing tools. Completed video packages can be prepared for Blu-ray Disc™ with Sony’s [non-medical] Movie Studio 13 authoring suite.


Sony’s BRAVIA range of [non-medical] 3D-compatible LCD colour televisions provide an ideal means of viewing recorded 3D content in consulting rooms and offices. Students in a lecture theatre or conference hall can experience intricate procedures with unprecedented depth and detail via Sony Full HD 3D [non medical] projectors such as the VPL-HW50ES. High Definition stereoscopic images from a 3D TV or projector can be viewed using light, comfortable glasses.

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