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HD video streaming transforms medical teaching at Alder Hey in the Park

One of the world’s most technologically advanced children’s hospitals, Alder Hey has partnered with Sony to build a powerful hospital-wide IP video network. High Definition surgical footage can be patched instantly to screens in thirteen integrated Operating Rooms – or shared with surgeons and students anywhere on campus. Medical students can see every detail of intricate surgical procedures in real time.

HD video streaming transforms medical teaching at Alder Hey in the Park

Refining the efficiency of medical teaching

Alder Hey in the Park is one of the world’s newest and most innovative teaching hospitals dedicated to the treatment and care of children. Located in the North West of England the £300m facility takes care of 275,000 young people and their families every year.

Europe’s only hospital in a park has 270 beds, together with sixteen spacious digitally networked Operating Rooms.

Working closely with Sony’s Healthcare Solutions team, Alder Hey in the Park continues to develop and refine innovative networked imaging solution that play a key role in the efficiency of medical teaching, today and tomorrow.

As a leading teaching hospital, Alder Hey in the Park is a focal point for specialist knowledge and pioneering techniques developed especially for the treatment and care of children and young people. Traditionally, the teaching of each new generation of medical students has required ‘live’ demonstration of surgical techniques on an actual patient in the Operating Room. But this approach poses some problems. Extra bodies crowded in the room can distract the surgeon and create an additional infection risk. Students often enjoy a less-than-ideal viewpoint: what’s more, it’s time-consuming to wait for brief ‘highlights’ during a much longer four-hour operation.

Giving students a clear view of live surgery

In each of thirteen state-of-the-art Operating Rooms at Alder Hey are two ceiling-mounted LMD-2760MD 27” LCD medical monitors, offering students and surgical staff a clear view of live video streamed from endoscopic cameras, operating light mounted camera or other imaging devices in the OR.

Developed specifically for clinical applications, the LMD-2760MD features a Full HD OptiContrast Panel™ that displays bright, detail-packed images from connected medical modalities with exceptional contrast and colour accuracy. Flexible operation is enhanced with a choice of picture modes, while the monitor’s intuitive ‘guided’ user interface assists simple fingertip operation. Digital interfaces simplify connection with a wide range of High Definition and Standard Definition imaging sources.

Additionally, a BRAVIA Professional Display in each OR lets students see visual information from a wide range of sources. These include ceiling-mounted SRG-300SE PTZ remote cameras that capture an overview of the entire operating procedure with Full HD quality.

Sharing images across the hospital campus

Sony’s ground-breaking networked video solution has transformed the efficiency of clinical teaching at Alder Hey. Streaming live HD video to the screens in each OR lets students view fine details of intricate operating procedures in close-up, without intruding on the surgeon’s personal space.

All video sources inside the OR can be shared across the hospital’s network to all other ORs via the NUCLeUS video-over-IP management platform. Working with Sony, Alder Hey is currently exploring the possibilities of streaming live HD video from the OR to students sitting in lecture theatres and teaching rooms.

“The challenge in clinical teaching – and in paediatric medicine generally – is creating a proper record of what actually happened in the Operating Room, with a high quality image that’s easy to store, share and retrieve”, explains Rolf Meßmer, Strategic Marketing Manager AV/IT Healthcare Solutions at Sony Europe. “Capturing live video from surgery and putting it up on the screens can be hugely beneficial for teaching. It’s all very well hearing about a football match from someone else… but really you want to experience the action at first hand.”

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