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What is 4K for Digital Cinema?

4K Digital Cinema by Sony means better-looking pictures and a more immersive, emotional entertainment experience that customers love. Movies projected in Sony 4K are bursting with life-like detail and rich, vivid colour. Nothing else comes close.

Cutting-edge technology

Ever since we launched the first commercially-available 4K Digital Cinema projector, we’ve known that it’s the only way to deliver an immersive, realistic and wholly believable cinematic experience. Some other manufacturers think that audiences can’t tell the difference between 4K and 2K images (with a quarter of the resolution). But at Sony we know better. And today we’re still at the cutting-edge of Digital Cinema, with our family of projectors for large and smaller cinemas delivering consistently flawless 4K pictures that our customers love.

Four times the detail of Full HD

4K means an incredible level of detail. A 4K picture projected on a cinema screen contains 4096 × 2160 pixels (or tiny dots). That’s over 8 megapixels (million pixels)…or four times the number of pixels on your Full HD TV at home (1920 x 1080 pixels).

And you won’t need to worry about pixelation – even if you’re sitting in the front row at your local multiplex, you won’t see a single pixel. 4K TV pictures have a resolution of 3840 x 2160, slightly lower than the cinematic version.

It’s not a huge difference. But it’s worth knowing.

Every pixel crystal clear

The magic starts with all those megapixels. Watch our animation and find out why every single pixel in a Sony 4K cinema image matters. 

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Striking contrast

4K means loads of detail. But that’s not the whole story. Sony 4K Digital Cinema projectors also deliver images with an extremely high contrast ratio. That’s the difference between dark and light areas in the same scene, like a brightly twinkling star on a pitch-black night. The advanced optical engine inside our SRX-R515P projector delivers bright, beautiful images with an incredible 8,000:1 contrast ratio – way ahead of internationally-recognised digital cinema standards and close to the limits of human vision.

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