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Mars Cinema Group expands with Sony 4K

Turkey’s largest cinema operator is installing a total of 82 Sony R500 Series 4K digital cinema projectors. Unmatched picture quality and low running costs made Sony the only option for Mars Cinema Group’s rapid expansion programme of new 2D and 3D screens across the country.

Mars Cinema Group expands with Sony 4K

Forward-looking Turkish chain invests in Sony 4K

One of Turkey’s most prestigious cinema chains, Mars Cinema Group, is set to install no less than 82 Sony Digital Cinema 4K projectors to provide patrons with a thrilling movie-going experience. The projectors will be deployed as part of the group’s ambitious programme of new cinema builds over the coming year.

With a 50% box office share in Turkey’s rapidly expanding cinema industry, Mars Cinema Group operates its nationwide network of theatres under the Cinemaximum name. Blending high-tech screening facilities with superior service, Cinemaximum is Turkey’s leading cinema brand with 695 screens at 77 locations in 30 cities. All screens are already 100% digital, with many equipped for 3D presentation.

Stunning pictures in 2D and 3D on any size of screen


41 SRX-R510P projectors will give audiences the immersive thrill of Sony 4K in smaller auditoriums. They’re joined by 29 SRX-R515P projectors for the group’s mid-sized theatres, plus eight new SRX-R515DS dual projection systems for Mars Cinema’s largest premium screens. Sony is also supplying 3D systems for 45 screens.

The projectors are being progressively rolled out in ten brand-new cinemas at locations across Ankara, Van, Mardin and Izmir. All systems will be installed by Omega Cinema Systems, Sony’s Digital Cinema distributor and a trusted expert in complete Digital Cinema Solutions around Turkey and neighbouring countries.

Mars Cinema Group will also benefit from maintenance and support from Omega Cinema Systems for a five year period, giving the operator peace of mind to focus on providing an exceptional experience for its customers.

Best picture quality, low ownership costs

“We are continuing our efforts to offer the best cinema experience in all corners of Turkey” says Kurt Rieder, CEO of Mars Cinema Group. “As we continue to grow, our need for new projectors has also grown. We carefully compared 4K offerings from all manufacturers and Sony’s projectors distinguish themselves by being the best image quality available on the market today. Sony Digital Cinema 4K lets us give our guests the picture quality they deserve. This combined with a low total cost of ownership made the deal really attractive to us and our guests”.

“In a time where movie goers are demanding the best visual experience, we are seeing a greater demand for improved image quality in cinema” notes Sony Digital Cinema 4K Business Development Manager Tim Potter. “From large cinema chains to smaller independent theatres, we’re already offering movie-goers a superior viewing experience with Sony 4K Digital Cinema projectors in over 18,000 cinemas. Though this partnership with Mars Cinema Group we will be able to offer even more patrons the unmatched quality of Sony 4K and 3D in cinemas across Turkey.”

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