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High Frame Rate: for a smoother viewing experience

High Frame Rate (HFR) allows directors more creative freedom to capture action, try new camera angles and push at the boundaries of their imaginations.

High Frame Rate: for a smoother viewing experience

HFR refers to the shooting and projecting of a movie with more native frames per second (fps) than is normally the case. While 24 fps has long been the industry standard for making and showing movies, by doubling the rate of shooting to 48 fps, or even higher to 60 fps, the image looks smoother to the human eye when projected.

The immersive power of HFR

The final effect of HFR is a crisp, vivid detail that stands out on the screen. Motion-blur can be dramatically reduced. With 3D in HFR, the judder effect is less of a problem. The 3D experience becomes more pleasant for more people. You can really get lost in the action like never before.

Sony was the first with HFR

Sony is a leader in HFR technology and continues to research, test and technically support advances in HFR for both 2D and 3D.Sony is the only company that has from the beginning built its SXRD projectors with the ability to show content at HFR of 48 fps, 60 fps.

Sony only needs a simple upgrade for the SRX-R220 and SRX-R320

All Sony SXRD R220 and R320 projection systems can handle HFR, including 48 fps and 60 fps. For the SRX-R320 projection systems, all that is required to accommodate HFR movies is a simple software upgrade to existing LMT-200/300 media servers, with no additional investment in hardware or server technology.

Incorporated in latest SRX-R515

For anyone purchasing the latest affordable, next generation Sony SRX-R515 4K digital cinema projection systems the HFR software is already incorporated, meaning cinema owners will immediately benefit from the technology.

We want to work with cinema owners to maximise the business potential of the new HFR technologies in the most cost effective and convenient ways possible. If you want to find out more please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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