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Is the show nearly over for your Series 1 DLP projector?

Is your first-generation DLP cinema projector coming to the end of its working life? Are you facing rising maintenance bills? Switch to Sony 4K and benefit from a huge improvement in picture quality plus lower running costs. With Sony Managed Services, moving to the latest 4K projection technology is easier and more affordable for cinemas of any size.

Is the show nearly over for your Series 1 DLP projector?

Give your cinema an image update with Sony 4K

Upgrade to Sony 4K and give audiences the best pictures they’ll see anywhere – plus lower running costs, more flexibility and extra peace of mind for you. See how our latest-generation 4K projectors measure up against older, out-of-warranty DLP projectors.

First generation DLP projector
Sony Digital Cinema 4K Projector
2K resolution
Equivalent to ordinary Full HD TV found in the home.
4K resolution
4K means future-proofed pictures, with four times the resolution of your 2K projector – and even better quality than your customer’s latest 4K TV sets, or any commercially available laser illuminated projector (LiP).
2000:1 contrast ratio
Fine detail is lost in dark scenes.
8000:1 contrast ratio*
Ensures crisp highlights, deep blacks and lifelike detail that pulls audiences into every scene.
‘Triple-flash’ alternating 3D projection
Alternate images for each eye causes flicker that can distract audiences.
Continuous left/right eye 3D projection
Continuous projection of separate left/right images means smooth, immersive, easy-on-the-eye 3D.
Xenon lamp
Single xenon lamp source can fail without warning, threatening revenues. Lamp explosions require costly replacement with special training and safety equipment.
HPM lamp array
The reliable multi-lamp array in our SRX-R515P and SRX-R510P projectors ensures show continuity, even when a single light source fails. Lamp cartridge swaps are quick and easy with no special handling.
Greater uncertainty, higher costs
Maintaining of out-of-warranty equipment is expensive, with limited availability of spare parts.
Extra peace of mind
Managed Services from Sony drive down ownership costs, with maintenance and support included over a 5-year period.
Limited playout compatibility
Incapable of playing latest-generation content delivered to cinemas as SMPTE DCP.
A more immersive experience
Stay ahead of the game with compatibility for Dolby Atmos and HFR.**
Slower ingest
Slow server ingest and limited on-board capacity restricts operational flexibility.
Speedy ingest, high capacity
Big server capacity (upgradeable) holds up to 20 movies*** with high transfer speed - spend less time ingesting DCPs.
Less flexible presentations
Options are limited for adding intermission content – typically, the feature would be paused and a static image shown.
Run the show
Insert intermission content wherever you want in the Show Play List, boosting opportunities for valuable extra advertising and concessions revenues.
No live events
Limited opportunities to present alternative content. No live presentation capability.
Screen revenue-boosting live events
Sony is at the forefront of offering alternative content to audiences with unique partnerships and technical capabilities in 4K Live Event Cinema.

Your future success. On your terms.

Who needs the unpredictability of capital expenditure, operating costs and future maintenance costs? Managed Services from Sony provide everything you need – including support and servicing over a 5-year period – for a fixed monthly fee that’s kind on your cashflow.

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High contrast for life-like images

With a contrast ratio of 8000:1, our 4K projectors deliver dazzling highlights and deep blocks. Find out more about contrast ratio.

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Upgrade to better pictures today

Get in touch and discuss upgrading your cinema to Sony 4K.

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 * Theoretical maximum contrast ratio

** High Frame Rate licence available as option

*** Typical capacity, assumes 200GB per feature