Sony showcases dedicated imaging technology at Birmingham Dentistry Show 



Weybridge, May 14th, 2024 – Sony will be present for the first time at this year’s Birmingham Dental Show from May 17 to 20th, and will showcase on its booth K64, its solutions dedicated to dental imaging. ​ 

Photography is becoming an increasingly important tool in the arsenal of dental healthcare professionals, given the extent of ways it can elevate their practice. Beyond the aesthetics, photography has become an indispensable tool for tracking progress, engaging patients, fostering professional growth, simplifying insurance processes, and strengthening marketing strategies. ​ 

 “Dental photography serves several functions within day-to-day practice, including instilling patient confidence in treatment progress, supplying vital evidence for insurance reimbursement, visually chronicling dentists' professional evolution, and serving as a promotional mechanism for attracting new clients. ​ But and this is a big but, dentists are often spending a lot of their time selecting the different pieces of equipment they need for this so at Sony, we’re looking to create simplified and quality imaging solutions for dentists by working with established retailer WEX Photo Video to develop all-in-one bundles”, commented Andrei Marcu, Sony Europe DI B2B Manager.” ​ 

 Tim Zoltie, Head of the Medical & Dental Illustration Department, based within the School of Dentistry at the University of Leeds, has studied the importance of choosing the best technology for optimal imagery and is putting together a series of master classes over the year to educate around this topic:


The magic of macro lens

 Macrophotography is a crucial component in capturing essential images during patient interactions. This specialised form of extreme close-up photography is indispensable for attaining the desired intricacy when photographing teeth. A macro lens such as Sony’s 90mm F2.8 G OSS, with a reproduction ratio of at least 1:1, is the architect of these visually comprehensive images. With a focal length of 90mm, the lens strikes the perfect balance between focus and field of view, ensuring every shot is exceptionally detailed. ​ 


Optical illumination and colour ​ 

Proper illumination is essential in dental photography and is achieved through well-chosen camera flash gear that balances effectiveness and unobtrusiveness, which is why Sony has collaborated with Godox, a leader in lighting technology. The specially developed ring flash encircles the lens for uniform illumination, while the twin flash offers a distinct effect, especially for close-ups. LED flash, which is gaining popularity, reduces glare and reflections for improved image quality. ​ ​ 

 Achieving accurate colour reproduction is paramount in dental illustrations, where precise hues are essential. Therefore, choosing a camera, such as the Sony A7M4 or A7RM5, that guarantees the highest quality, true-colour images throughout the dental workflow – not one that produces reddish, greenish, or purplish tones – is an important factor in the decision-making process. ​ ​ ​ ​ 

 As a special introductory Dental Show offer, Sony will offer the following exclusive discounts: ​ 

  1. A7M4 camera + SEL90M28 lens + Godox MF-R76S light ring - £1,941.87 + VAT 
  2. A7M4 camera + SEL90M28 lens + Godox MF12-DK1 light ring - £1,989.09 + VAT 
  3. A7RM5 camera + SEL90M28 lens + Godox MF-R76S light ring- £2,794.39 + VAT 
  4. A7RM5 camera + SEL90M28 lens + Godox MF12-DK1 light ring - £2,841.61 + VAT 


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