Sony Europe introduces new car AV receiver and power amplifiers

New products for Sony's Mobile ES™ Series that will deliver superior in-car entertainment and redefine the driving experience to soon launch in Europe –

10th November 2023, 9am GMT/10am CET: Sony Europe today announced the newest additions to its Mobile ES™ lineup,1 including its first AV receiver XAV-9550ES and power amplifiersXM-8ES and XM-6ES. In line with previous Mobile ES™ products, the new models feature high-resolution audio with pure detail that brings studio-quality sound right to your car. ​

 ​ The XAV-9550ES offers a sleek, high definition 10.1-inch touchscreen showcasing hi-res audio and visual qualities, ideal for customers who are looking for a premium quality media receiver to be located in their car's single or double DIN space, bringing the very best of their music and connectivity. ​

 ​ The XM-8ES and XM-6ES, which are sister products of the already released XM-5ES, -4ES, -1ES, will be perfect for users with more versatile needs. These amplifiers offer increased number of inputs/outputs in compact size, which will help with customers installing with small footprints.

XAV-9550ES feature highlights: ​

  • 25.7 cm (10.1-inch) Gapless Anti-glare Capacitive Touchscreen: Now updated with a 25.7 cm (10.1") high-definition LCD panel and optically gapless design, it boasts best-in-class picture quality while assuring safer and easier operation. Unlike a conventional display, the LCD is bonded directly to the protective glass touch layer with a transparent adhesive. The result is an extremely precise touch experience along with enhanced contrast and visual performance. ​
  • High-Resolution Audio Compatible: Enjoy the subtle nuances of studio-quality sound. The 9550ES supports a variety of high-resolution audio codecs including native 192 kHz / 24-bit WAV, FLAC, ALAC audio files, and DSD (22.4MHz) files via 192 kHz / 24-bit PCM conversion. LDAC enables Bluetooth® streaming of all these codecs with exceptional sound quality2. ​ ​ ​
  • ESS Digital-to-Analog Converter: Experience the same calibre of sound usually reserved for high-end home audio products, thanks to the ESS DAC chip – a premium converter that provides optimum quality, from all your digital music files. With high performance 32-bit processing and eliminated timing jitter, this D/A converter delivers an unprecedented dynamic range and low harmonic distortion. ​
  • Premium 4-ch Class A/B Amplifier: Giving unmatched audio quality to the built-in amplifier, a dedicated power circuit is designed for each of the left and right channels, while an overall amplifier block includes updated circuit configurations, patterns, and choices of components, minimising interference. Furthermore, the volume control circuit utilises a select audio IC with less distortion and noise. The results are smooth highs, tight bass, wide dynamic range, and a more accurate soundstage. ​
  • Choices for Optimum Performance: Carefully selected components ensure immersive sound quality. The dedicated choke coil features powerful bass while filtering unwanted frequencies, for controlled and dynamic audio reproduction. Audiophile-grade capacitors deliver effortless power for clear and tight bass, while multi-layer polymer capacitors help ensure low overall harmonic distortion and natural sound character. ​
  • Anti-Resonance Dual-Layer Chassis: The dual-layer design of the chassis separates analogue and digital circuitry, preventing electromagnetic interference for uncompromised sound quality. ​ ​
  • Sound Customisation: The 192 kHz / 24-bit DSP offers pristine sound processing and time alignment, 14-band equaliser, and 8-band parametric equaliser. Together with the updated 3-zone crossover, which enables bi-amp front 2-way speaker drive settings, you can dial in the perfect combination of front, rear and subwoofers. ​
  • Bi-Amp Front 2-Way Speaker Drive Settings: Designed for front component speaker configurations, this setting lets you apply independent crossover, PEQ and even time-alignment settings to individual drivers in bi-amp front speakers. Now you can customise sound for each component speaker using the same detailed control normally reserved for front and rear speaker groups. ​
  • 3-Camera Trigger Inputs: Drivers can see the images of up to three connected cameras when shifting the vehicle's transmission lever to the reverse position or tap the dedicated icons on the home screen. By utilising the supplied trigger wires, each camera image can be switched on and off, or from one to another automatically by detecting the vehicle's turn signals or sensing compatible signals such as that for a connected front camera. An adjustable parking guide is also available for reverse gear. ​ ​
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay®: iPhone® users will be able to make phone calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, access their favourite apps, get directions with real-time traffic conditions — including third party navigation apps — and so much more directly from the dashboard, all while allowing the driver to stay focused on the road.2
  • Wireless Android Auto™: Designed with safety and convenience in mind, Android Auto is a simpler way to use a smartphone with the car audio display. Drivers can talk to Google Assistant on Android Auto and stay connected, entertained and informed while keeping their eyes on the road. Just say "Hey Google" or press the voice control button to get started.3
  • USB Type-C® Compatible Rear Connection Terminals: USB Type-C terminal is available for any compatible device, allowing high-current charge up to 3A. ​
  • Quick Wake Up: With the quick wake up feature, customers are ready to go right after turning on the ignition.4
  • Simple Button Controls: The button design features large keys to seamlessly fit with the sleek display. Access volume, source, sound settings and voice control, for safe and easy operation on the road. ​ ​
  • Enhanced 5V 3-pre Out Connectivity: For future expandability, the 5V 3-pre out connectivity allows customers to build a full acoustic system, including a newly available stereo subwoofer connection, and a 4-channel stereo amplification for even louder and more powerful sound reproduction. ​
  • HD Graphical User Interface:  This clean interface was developed with Sony’s expertise and long years of engineering experience with GUI design. Enhanced for safety and ease of use, it features a high-contrast Mobile ES™ colour scheme while customisable wallpaper suits your vehicle and style.
  • Enhanced DAB Radio Screen: The new DAB radio user interface now includes station logos, slide shows for album art or program info, depending on your country or region. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

XM-8ES and XM-6ES Power Amplifiers' Feature Highlights: ​

  • High-Resolution Audio Compatible: Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound. A range of premium circuit components work together for pitch-perfect sound reproduction, giving every road trip soundtrack it deserves. ​
  • Powerful Sound with Astonishing Clarity: Enjoy dynamic sound from the highly efficient class-D amplifiers, boosting your in-car music, providing a variety of speaker configurations of your choice: XM-8ES (100W x 8); XM-6ES (100W x 6), both at 1 kHz and 1 % THD. ​
  • Minimal Interference Design: Sony's expertise and long years of engineering experience with digital amplifiers has made it possible to realise a compact and powerful amplifier, with uncompromising sound quality. ​
  • Optimized Power Blocks: The power supply block is optimally designed for low-noise, highly efficient electric power transmission, where the DC converter with a toroidal core transformer is chosen for less electro-magnetic interference. To reproduce delicate ultra-high-frequency sound, each channel block and the class-D amplification are all isolated with their own ground circuitry, minimising any signal interference. ​
  • Select Components for Superior Sound: The upgraded inductors with OFC wires are selected for lower internal resistance and improved sound character, while the low impedance electrolytic capacitors contribute to clear and precise sound reproduction. ​
  • High-Quality Speaker/Power Terminal: The speaker and power terminal features hex screws, providing a durable method of tightening the wire connections while accepting bare wire or wire ferrules for superior electrical performance and high-quality sound, and safe connection. ​
  • Sturdily Built Structures: The rigid, 1.2 mm, cross-braced bottom plate reduces resonance by approximately 50 % and shifts resonance peaks away from the harsh vehicle vibration frequency bands, upgrading damping performance dramatically. ​
  • Enhanced Logical Control and Connection Placement: Controls and connections are logically placed for easy understanding and use. The carefully considered layout ensures both intuitive operation and simple installation. ​
  • Clear Labels and Values: The redesigned control panel is logically grouped, and clearly labelled for hassle-free setup. ​

Pricing and availability: ​

The XAV-9550ES will be available for purchase from December 2023 at authorised dealers. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:

The XM-8ES will be available for purchase from January 2024 at authorised dealers. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:

The XM-6ES will be available for purchase from January 2024 at authorised dealers. For a full list of specs and information, please visit:


  1. Mobile ES and Mobile ES logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
  2. Apple CarPlay and iPhone and are trademarks of Apple Inc. Learn more at ​ ​
  3. Download the Android Auto app on Google Play. Wireless use of Android Auto requires a smartphone with Android 11 or higher and compatible active data plan. Check for compatibility. To use Android Auto on car audio via USB, a compatible Android phone and compatible active data plan required. Some features and devices may not be available in all countries or regions. Subject to availability. Some features vary by device manufacturers. Google, Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC.
  4. Less than 8 seconds. Time measured approximately until safety caution is displayed. ​


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