Sony Electronics & Olivia Rodrigo to Release LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo” Limited Edition Headphones 

Headphones Designed and Tuned by Olivia Will Give Fans a Custom, Optimised  Listening Experience of Her Albums GUTS and SOUR

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Sony and Olivia Rodrigo today announced the release of LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo designed and tuned in collaboration with 3X GRAMMY®-winning, multi-Platinum-selling, singer/songwriter Olivia Rodrigo. Based off of Sony’s LinkBuds S noise cancelling truly wireless headphones, the new limited edition LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo feature Custom EQs (special equalizers) tuned by Olivia and her producer Daniel Nigro for optimal listening of her albums GUTS and SOUR on any music streaming service and come in a unique violet marble pattern styled by Olivia and made with factory-recovered plastic and reclaimed water bottles. ​ 

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“I’m so excited that I got to design a limited edition LinkBuds S in the colour violet. The sound is incredible and I can’t wait for my fans to experience GUTS in this way,” says Olivia. 

“These headphones are meant to deliver a listening experience that is a personal extension of Olivia Rodrigo’s creative intent and unique sound,” says Hiroshi Nakamura, Head of Personal Entertainment Business Unit, Sony Corporation. “As a company that puts creator vision over everything, Sony aims to connect artists with their fans in innovative ways. Olivia’s authenticity and commitment to her fanbase is one we wanted to honour with this amazing LinkBuds S partnership.” 

Listen Like Olivia with Her Custom EQ 

The LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo includes two special equalizers customised for Olivia’s music that can be accessed through the Sony|Headphones Connect app1, allowing fans to listen like Olivia. 

Sustainability & Design 

When designing the LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo, Olivia chose an environmentally conscious design using factory recovered plastic, reclaimed water bottles, and recycled plastic materials from automobile parts to create parts of the case and body of the headphones2. Due to the variation in material, the headphones host a violet marble pattern that causes no two pairs of LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo to be the same. 

LinkBuds S Noise Cancelling and High-Resolution Audio Wireless 

Just like the LinkBuds S, the LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo feature noise cancelling, High-Resolution Audio Wireless, and host an ultra-small and lightweight design so fans will be able to comfortably listen to their favourite album all day long. Smart features such as Adaptive Sound Control and Auto Play senses the user’s behaviour and automatically adjust sound settings to provide the right sound for the moment. The LinkBuds S combines innovative ambient sound that lets the listener interact with the world around them, with high-quality noise cancelling technology allowing them to focus on their favourite track from Olivia and nothing else. 

The LinkBuds S allow the listener to experience High-Resolution Audio Wireless, thanks to Sony's industry-adopted audio coding technology, LDAC3. All music will be restored back to high range sound with the use of DSEE Extreme™ that upscales digital music files in real time4, allowing the listener to appreciate all the fine-details into their most-loved tracks.   

Pricing and availability 

The LinkBuds S x Olivia Rodrigo will be priced at approx. €200/£180 available end of October 2023 at selected retailers. 

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360 Reality Audio Collaboration 

As part of the overall collaboration, Olivia’s new album GUTS has been mixed and released in Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, a new immersive music experience powered by Sony’s 360 spatial sound technology. Individual sounds from the album such as vocals, chorus, piano, guitar, and bass, among others, have been placed in a 360 spherical sound field, bringing fans closer to Olivia’s music. GUTS can be enjoyed in 360 Reality Audio with most headphones through compatible music streaming services such as Amazon Music Unlimited5 and TIDAL6

Sony “For The Music” 

As the pre-eminent platform for creative freedom, Sony has built a committed relationship with creators in the field of music production and has been an ever present bridge connecting creators and consumers with its audio products, delivering authentic music experiences worldwide. Sony is building off of this legacy by putting creator vision over everything with its new “For The Music” audio brand platform for its premier audio products and services as a means of providing artists and fans with the most immersive music experiences. 

Sony’s “For The Music” fosters end-to-end collaboration with artists, from creation to consumption of music. Most notably, “For The Music” champions artist development, supporting creative endeavors including specialty content, activations, experiences and more, all to benefit music fans. Additionally, the platform facilitates artist access and input on professional products (Professional Headphones and Microphones) and tools (such as 360 Reality Audio and 360 Virtual Mixing Environment) to improve content creation approaches, and to enhance listening experiences for fans through consumer products (such as Headphones, Wireless speakers). ​ 

To learn more about the “For the Music” Brand platform, please visit,1,09DhrBCoSyOTiCcLVPr6WXuhN02y5YbiMA-iG2OOHhcrggMO9jGYgTxD2eNDRdvUzZOKixFaDbDw8564ZN3FssnMPX7LfVEjkpq2XcSK&typo=1

About Sony Corporation  

Sony Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation and is responsible for the Entertainment, Technology & Services (ET&S) business in the Sony Group. With the vision to "continue to deliver Kando and Anshin* to people and society across the world through the pursuit of technology and new challenges," Sony Corporation supports the Sony Group with technology to create the entertainment of the future together with creators. 

For more information, visit: ​ 

* Both Japanese words, Kando means emotion and Anshin has various meanings such as peace of mind, reassurance, reliability and trust.  

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