Sony’s new BRAVIA XR Master Series A90K and BRAVIA XR A75K OLED TVs are available to pre-order in Europe

Sony has announced the UK pricing and availability for two new TV series: BRAVIA XR MASTER SERIES A90K and BRAVIA XR A75K 4K HDR OLED TVs. Both are available to pre-order in the UK and other European territories.

The unique Cognitive Processor XR understands how humans see and hear, and when paired with XR OLED Contrast Pro, provides a revolutionary visual experience in Sony’s latest generation A90K and A75K 4K OLED series which results in incredible image quality. Enjoy an unprecedented dynamic range with incredibly dazzling lights and deep blacks, as well as beautifully natural mid tones. The Cognitive Processor XR™ also powers the XR Triluminos Max, which delivers Sony’s widest colour palette and reproduces naturally beautiful shades and hues. With millions of individual, self-illuminating pixels, the TVs deliver more colours than ever before for an entirely new viewing experience.

These new innovations help deliver the best and most immersive viewing experiences, authentically conveying the creator’s true intent. When watching movies, viewers can experience Sony’s enhanced Acoustic Surface Audio+™ for OLED models and Acoustic Multi-Audio™ for LED models, precisely matching the position of the sound with the images on the screen for a truly immersive audiovisual experience. The line-up also includes new features that customise and enhance at-home entertainment. Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode[1] automatically adjusts image processing based on ambient light, so users’ favourite shows and films look like the creator intended, under any conditions. Additionally, Sony’s new BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode will automatically adjust the image quality on screen to better align with the video creator’s original vision[2]. The televisions will also be designated ‘Perfect for PlayStation®5’[3], which includes two PS5® exclusive features – Auto HDR Tone Mapping[4] and Auto Genre Picture Mode[5].

This year, Sony also introduces a newly developed original camera device, BRAVIA CAM[6], which recognises where users are sitting and optimises the picture and sound accordingly. It includes gesture controls, video chat and many other fun, new experiences waiting to be explored.

With growing demand for even larger TV screens, there is also the risk of greater resource and energy use. However, Sony is committed to sustainability from the development process all the way through to the viewing experience. Sony’s “Road to Zero” global environmental plan aims to achieve a sustainable society by reaching a zero environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of its products and business activities by the year 2040. With these goals in mind, our 2022 TVs use high recycled plastic content with Sony-developed SORPLAS™. By using SORPLAS[7], we’ve increased our use of recycled material without sacrificing design and durability and reduced overall virgin plastic use by up to 60%[8], which equates to approximately 140,000,000 compact discs. Additionally, Sony’s BRAVIA CAM can recognise when viewers are no longer in front of the TV and dim the display to conserve energy.

2022 BRAVIA XR and Master series line-up highlights: 


The MASTER XR Series A90K and the BRAVIA XR Series A75K 4K OLED TVs will be available to pre-order from Wednesday 25th May at 9:00am GMT.

 For pricing and availability information on the models listed below please visit: /

 Some screen sizes may not be yet available at this time.

BRAVIA XR MASTER Series A90K 48” and 42” OLED TV features:

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BRAVIA XR Series A75K 65” and 55” OLED TV features:

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[1] Netflix streaming membership required. 4K Ultra HD availability subject to your Netflix subscription plan, internet service, device capabilities, and content availability.

[2] Purchase an eligible TV and register for BRAVIA CORE™ by 02/23/24. Number of titles, credits & redemption/viewing period & selection differ per TV model & subject to change. For eligible TVs and terms and conditions: BRAVIA CORE streaming membership reqd. Network services, content, and operating system and software of product may be subject to separate or third-party terms and conditions and changed, interrupted, or discontinued at any time and may require fees, registration and credit card information

[3] Input lag time measured via 4K/120fps game HDMI input, may differ by real-time usage environment or specific conditions. Game title supporting 4K/120fps required.

[4] Auto HDR Tone Mapping – Software updates on both PlayStation®5 console and TV available by automatic update or user-initiated update. To activate Auto Tone Mapping, must enable feature when pairing TV and PS5 for the first time; or will need to disconnect TV and PS5, perform factory reset and enable the feature during initial setup. Feature is supported only when PS5 and TV are directly connected. Applicable models: All BRAVIA XR models, X85K, X85J, X80K, X80J, XH90.

[5] Auto Genre Picture Mode – Software updates on both PlayStation®5 console and TV available by automatic update or user-initiated update. This function works when Auto Picture Mode on the TV is set to ON and is supported only when PS5 and TV are directly connected. Applicable models: All BRAVIA XR models, X85K, X85J, X80K, X80J, XH90.

[6] Other than video chat, other BRAVIA CAM features available via firmware update.

[7] The recycle rate refers to flame-retardant materials. The recyclable material used on the TV may differ depending on size.

[8] Percentage compared to FY18. The products with 60% reduction are only available with certain models and in certain regions.

[9] 360 Spatial Sound personalizer requires the supplied transmitter (WLA-NS7) and a BRAVIA XR TV model sold separately.

[10] The software update of 360 Spatial Sound Mapping on HT-A7000 and HT-A5000 will be available in spring 2022.

[11] BRAVIA Acoustic Center Sync mode works with the following models: Z9K series, A95K series, A90K series, A80K series, X95K series, X90K series, Z9J series, A90J series, A80J series and X95J series. Product availability varies by country.

[12] Optional wireless rear speakers (sold separately) are required for HT-A7000. Optional rear speakers may not be available in all countries and regions.

[13] User must accept Google Terms of Service (, Play Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy ( to use TV. User must connect to a Google account to use certain advertised features, including voice to activate linked apps, and install certain apps and operating software during setup. Use of TV without connecting to a Google account allows only basic TV features and certain apps. Wireless connectivity requires 802.11 home network (802.11n recommended).  Network services, content, operating system and software of this product may be subject to separate or third-party terms and conditions and changed, interrupted or discontinued at any time and may require fees, registration and credit card information. Apps must be compatible with TV. App availability varies by region and device. Google TV is the name of this device’s software experience and a trademark of Google LLC. Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

[14] User must setup broadband network environment. By default, Pure Stream setting is turned OFF and must be turned ON in BRAVIA CORE settings. BRAVIA CORE offers streaming between 30Mbps-80Mbps once user turns ON Pure Stream. To access Pure Stream at 30Mbps, user must have a minimum internet speed of 43Mbps over Wi-Fi. To access highest quality Pure Stream available at 80Mbps user must have minimum internet speed of 115Mbps over Wi-Fi.  Subject to user’s network operator’s video streaming restrictions, BRAVIA CORE automatically selects the best bitrate as following with adaptive streaming functionality based on the internet speed available.


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