Main characteristics

Evolved image quality

This compact, lightweight, full-frame constant-F4 wide-angle power zoom lens delivers superb G Lens image quality. It includes two AA (advanced aspherical) elements, a Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) element, and an ED element to effectively suppress distortion and aberration. A circular aperture and controlled spherical aberration enhance bokeh quality, while 0.24 meter minimum focus enables stunning close-ups.
High quality portrait of women

Designed for polished movie imagery

In addition to smooth, versatile power zoom, this remarkably compact lens minimises jarring angle of view shifts that can occur when focusing or zooming so that stable, high quality movie footage can be easily captured. Focus, zoom, and aperture operation are also extremely quiet, greatly reducing noise and vibration that can interfere with movie recording.

Alpha logo


Captions “FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G”, “Sample Video” and “Shot using FX6, FX3, α7S III in S-Log3 / S-Gamut3.Cine and graded.” over side view of lens barrel


Caption “All scenes shot using the FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G” over shots of rider mounting motorcycle and looking up at river bridge, then riding away from camera


Slowly panning shot of cityscape from high vantage point; then zooming and panning shot from same vantage point

Portrait shot of female subject approaching and passing camera outside building; then zooming and dollying shot of same subject looking upwards at surrounding tall buildings

Close-up profile portrait of same subject looking upward, looking rather uneasy, from slowly rising vantage point, with moderate background bokeh


Wide-angle side-on zooming-in shot of same female subject with hair tied back and a male subject sitting talking, looking rather fraught, facing each other across café table, with large window in background and little bokeh visible on the view through it

Zooming-out shot of the male subject, then zooming-out shot of the female subject looking unhappy

Zooming-out wide shot of the whole room from high position as subjects continue to talk, or perhaps argue


Shot looking backward taken from moving vehicle on urban expressway, showing rider on motorcycle approaching the camera

Shot of side view of motorcycle and rider on urban expressway


Zooming-in portrait shot of original female subject with half of face lit and strong shadow cast on brick wall behind; then further zooming-in shot from closer and more frontal starting point; looking uneasy

Shot of motorcycle and rider in city area at dusk


Recap scene: zooming-in close-up profile portrait shot of male subject who appeared to be arguing with female subject previously, looking a little cross

Zooming-in close-up portrait shot of female subject seemingly upset with male subject


Dolly-zoom shot of female subject looking up at tall buildings


Recap scene: close-up shots of male and female subjects seemingly arguing in café; female subject walks out in background bokeh of profile close-up of male subject; zooming-out profile shot of male subject looking dejected; close-up of coffee cup


Female subject now in city centre, running between buildings, searching, shot with much camera motion

Shot of motorcycle and rider in city at dusk taken from moving vehicle in front

Zooming-out view upward at sky between tall buildings

Distant shot of female subject looking around

Side view of motorcycle and rider, also seemingly looking for something

Shot of motorcycle and rider, arriving outside exhibition hall

Two slow-motion shots from low position of female subject running between buildings and trees

Motorcycle rider, male, parks bike, removes helmet and gloves, apparently in a hurry, and runs out of shot

Close-up dynamic shot of female subject looking troubled, searching

Slow-motion shot of male subject (rider) running

Alternate show-motion shots of female and male subjects, who finally find each other in urban location at dusk, adjacent to railway, river and expressway

Several slow-motion shots, with camera viewpoint circling around happy-looking couple in increasing close-up


Now dark, couple are on motorcycle riding on urban expressway, with shot from rear of bike catching up for side view, taken from moving vehicle

Slowly zooming-out shot of female passenger, as male rider gradually comes into shot

Slowly zooming-in shot of both subjects on bike from side, with subjects then heading into the distance in a final dolly-zoom shot


Caption “FE PZ 16-35mm F4 G” over side view of lens barrel


SONY logo


Smooth power zoom with snappy response

A new power zoom system driven by four XD Linear Motors for the first time in an α lens provides smooth control with the immediacy of manual zoom. Even subtle zoom ring rotation is precisely detected and instantaneously converted to zoom operation. A continuously variable zoom lever makes it easy to execute super-slow constant-speed zooms, and zoom can be remotely controlled while the camera is mounted on a gimbal0.
Situational image taken with the SELP1635G connected to the FX3 with Microphone ECM-XM1

XD Linear Motors deliver stunning AF

Two XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors deliver quick, quiet, low-vibration autofocus while maintaining compact lens dimensions. Tenacious, reliable AF can smoothly track subjects when shooting high frame rate movies. With a compatible body0 it is possible to maintain accurate focus while shooting stills continuously at up to 30 frames per second. Subjects are smoothly tracked even while zooming.
Illustration of XD Linear Motors construction for autofocus system

Three-ring control: zoom, focus, and aperture

Independent zoom, focus, and aperture rings on this compact lens offer flexible, intuitive creative control. Responsive zoom control is indispensable for movies, and Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly to subtle control when focusing manually. The aperture ring has an aperture click switch that allows the click stops to be turned off when smooth, seamless aperture adjustment is required.
[1] Focusing ring  [2] Zoom ring  [3] Aperture ring
Product image showing Focusing ring, Zoom ring and Aperture ring

Feature-packed yet incredibly lightweight

Although this compact wide-angle zoom lens weighs just 353g (12.5oz), it does not compromise functionality or performance in any way. Its length remains constant while focusing and zooming for optimal balance and handling, which also makes it ideal for gimbal-mounted movie shooting. Impressive portability and a dust/moisture resistant design0 make it a great choice for just about any subject or situation.
Situational image being taken using a gimbal

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Close-up photo of the ILME-FX6 being used to film