Surround technologies

360 Spatial Sound that adapts to your environment

D.C.A.C. IX ingeniously measures the height and position of each speaker with a calibration microphone.

The AN1000 features 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology to draw you into your entertainment like never before. Based on the positional information measured by D.C.A.C. IX, multiple phantom speakers are generated all around you, for an entirely new sound sensation. You can experience all the drama of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® alongside every breath, step and word like you're right inside the film.

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Seamless auto calibration with your favourite speakers

The supplied calibration microphone and latest-generation D.C.A.C. IX auto calibration allows the AN1000 to measure the 3D position of all your speakers. Compensate for challenging speaker placement, delay or phase shift, and enjoy authentic cinematic experiences with advanced digital signal processing, including the stunning immersive 360 Spatial Sound.

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Your ideal home audio arrangement

The AN1000 has been designed with flexible speaker solutions that work around your environment, so that you get the best audio experience whatever your setup.

Find your audio sweet spot

The flexible speaker solution ‘relocates’ sound to simulate the optimal position and angle for the best audio experience, working around any physical space restrictions.0
Outline image of a TV with sofa and speakers. Blue versions of the speakers in different positions indicate movement

Experience full surround sound

Discover Phantom Surround Back

The Phantom Surround Back speaker setting replicates the immersive sound of physical surround back speakers, enabling you to enjoy a 7 channel surround sound experience with only a 5 channel speaker setup.0
Outline image of a TV with sofa and speakers. Blue versions of two speakers sit behind the sofa