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INZONE Buds Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Gaming Earbuds

INZONE Buds are designed for serious gaming with long battery life and low latency with the included USB-C dongle. They can also be directly connected to your Android smartphone with LE Audio (Regular Bluetooth is not supported).

Compatible with 2.4GHz USB-C dongle connection and LE Audio (regular Bluetooth is not supported).
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Refined for Victory. Advised by Fnatic

Gaming excellence by Fnatic Pro-Players met INZONE development. INZONE Buds is here through the collaboration. Check out the video to see how they are ready to give you the winning edge.

Superior sound helps you stay on top

Compact and fully wireless without compromising on sound. The INZONE Buds use an 8.4 mm driver, Noise Cancelling technology, and spatial sound personalisation for the user's ear, to give you quality and realism that you'd never expect from such a compact casing.
A person holding a plastic gun in a computer game world aiming at a 3D model with rings around the foot for sound

Industry-leading 12-hour battery that goes the distance0

The new low-power consumption processor L1 provides up to 12 hours0 of battery life in the headphones, with up to 24 hours total battery life with the charging case. With the industry's longest battery life1, the INZONE Buds are ready to power longer sessions and revolutionise your gaming.
The INZONE Buds in their charging case sitting on a desk with a keyboard

Low latency allows enhanced precision

A USB-C® dongle connection provides latency of less than 30 ms so there will be nothing to hold you back. 
Image of a gamer sitting at a monitor with the INZONE Buds in their ears

Increased comfort. More gaming.

With a truly wireless design, compact size and lighter contact in-ear, you can enjoy longer gaming sessions in greater comfort. 
A smiling gamer with the INZONE Buds in their ears

Icon image of 4 speakers all pointing towards a central point

360 Spatial Sound for Gaming and advanced personalisation shaped to your ear

Icon image of a speaker with a stop symbol over the top

Cancels out the background, so you can focus on the game

Icon image of the INZONE Buds

Truly wireless Buds with lighter ear contact for increased comfort

Icon image of a battery

Up to 12 hours battery for longer gaming sessions

Icon image of a microphone

An AI-assisted microphone helps your voice cut through the in-game sound



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