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Simple design that expresses the wena concept

A watch designed to be simple and worn effortlessly, to carry the charm, accuracy and substance of an analogue watch. A classic design that doesn’t try too hard, and immediately becomes a comfortable part of your everyday life.

Beautiful, high precision case

Designed for visibility and precision, both the case diameter and thickness have a satisfying volume, for a comfortable weight and presence which perfectly matches the wena band. Unlike other watch heads, the case and lugs are separate precision parts to realise a beautiful, cylindrical case and an elegant hairline finish. Deceptive simplicity for classic functional beauty.

Simple dial face for enhanced visibility

The Three hands model carries a beautifully clear face without numerals. The beveled dial makes the scale easy to read, when viewing the watch at an angle.


A simple, clutter-free watch face with a focus on high visibility. The Three Hands wena head leverages timeless simplicity for readability, using different thicknesses and lengths of lines as indicators in a tribute to classic, functional design.
  • Designed for style, comfort and functionality

  • Case designed to match the band perfectly

  • Simple, elegant lines tell the time at a glance

  • Bevelled dial for visibility at an angle


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