wena wrist Three Hands Retro head


Picture of wena wrist Three Hands Retro head



Soft, curved lines for understated style

The wena wrist Three Hands Retro head is characterised by gentle, curved lines. Together these create a softer, understated effect that is a natural fit for both formal and casual settings.

Customise your style with three colours

Choose the Three Hands Retro Head in white, silver or premium black with an ion-plated, scratch-resistant finish. Then you can pair with your favourite wena wrist band to truly make it your own.

Lightweight design for effortless wear

With its sleek, minimal design, the Three Hands Retro is our lightest wena watch head, weighing just 33.6g. A joy to wear, even through the longest days. 

Slimmed-down casing for comfort

The Three Hands Retro head has been designed to feel just as good on the wrist as it looks. Unlike other watch heads, the crown is positioned at four o’clock. This allows the watch to sit comfortably on your wrist, without catching the back of your hand. With its slanted surfaces and polished finish, the lug adds another touch of sophistication. 

Past meets future with retro styling

The watch head’s retro styling brings a touch of 1960s cool to your wena wrist band. Timeless details include the dome-shaped glass front, the gently curved hour markings and the second hand sub-dial, playfully positioned at seven o’clock.

The wena wrist Three Hands Retro head gives the smartwatch a new 1960s-inspired look. It has a slim, lightweight form for comfortable all-day wear, retro design details and a dome-shaped glass.
  • Slim, lightweight design for effortless wear

  • Retro 1960s styling with dome-shaped glass

  • Sub-dial playfully positioned to the bottom left

  • Three colour options – white, silver and premium black

  • Crown sits at four o’clock for comfortable fit