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The NW-ZX100 series High-Resolution Audio Walkman is meticulously engineered with premium circuitry, refined aluminium body and Noise Cancelling technology, so your only focus is the music.


Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio

NW-ZX100 Series

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Nothing but the music

Focus on the music with exclusive Noise Cancelling headphones

Immerse yourself deeper in the sound, thanks to the NW-ZX100 series’ exclusive bundled headphones. Noise Cancelling mutes distractions from the world outside, so it’s just you and your music.

Precision engineered for superior sound

A host of premium components have been specially selected for use in our circuit boards, to deliver the best portable audio experience.

High rigidity

A high-rigidity frame keeps the circuit boards secure, preventing unwanted noise and distortion caused by external shifts or vibrations.

High-quality lead-free solder

High quality solder for a purer signal

We developed our own high-quality solder for reduced noise, which has improved sound resolution across the entire frequency range.

Low dielectric board

Low dielectric board for smoother audio

The low dielectric board insulates the circuit board, minimising electromagnetic interference for smoother sound. It also reduces energy loss, improving overall system efficiency.

Music on the move never sounded so good

The NW-ZX100 series has a powerful combination of high-end audio technologies – for detailed, lossless playback for all your music, whether through headphones or speakers.

High-Resolution Audio

Get the best out of every track

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound with High-Resolution Audio and advanced digital upscaling technology.

How High-Resolution Audio works

High-Resolution Audio refers to a collection of digital processes allowing the encoding and playback of music using higher sampling rates than those used in CDs.

High-Resolution Audio

3.2x more data transmitted



Hear what you’ve been missing. DSEE HX upscales your existing music to near high-resolution quality.


S-Master HX

The S-Master HX digital amp cuts distortion and noise across a wide range of frequencies.

Direct Stream Digital


Hear crisp, studio clarity High-Resolution Audio with the DSD lossless audio codec.

Bluetooth streaming at its best

Enjoy high quality music streaming thanks to LDAC, our premium wireless codec. With 3x the bitrate of standard Bluetooth, you can enjoy a superior listening experience for every track.

Unlimited listening

With an expandable 128GB of memory and the longest battery life ever seen in a Walkman model, you can enjoy more of your music, for longer.

More space for your music

The NW-ZX100 series’ additional memory slot gives you the freedom to add a microSD card, so you never run out of music.

Up to an extra 128GBs

Double your storage space with a microSD card

microSD card
Extended battery life

Enjoy more playtime

Spend more time with your music. You can enjoy up to 70 hours of playback, thanks to the NW-ZX100 series’ significantly improved battery life.

Play different file formats

The NW-ZX100 series supports a wide range of file types, compressed or uncompressed, so there are no restrictions when it comes to making the perfect playlist.

Wide codec support
Specifications & Features
The NW-ZX100 series High-Resolution Audio Walkman is meticulously engineered with premium circuitry, refined aluminium body and Noise Cancelling technology, so your only focus is the music.
  • High-Resolution Audio compatible

  • DSEE HX upscaling restores quality to compressed files

  • S-Master HX digital amplifier for pure sound quality

  • 128GB expandable capacity

  • Includes Noise-Cancelling headphones

Memory Size
Screen Size (inch)
3" (7.6 cm)
Display Resolution
400x240 (WQVGA)
Battery Life - Continuous Playback Music
45 hours (Hi-Res Audio), 70 hours (MP3)
145 g
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