The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Ready for PlayStation®5

We’re at the dawn of a new era of gaming. Experience 4K resolution at 120fps - new on PS5 with compatible ZH8 and XH90/92 BRAVIA televisions.

4K 120 image
You're a winner with 4K/120fps

Transform your gaming experience. Our TVs with high speed 4K/120fps HDMI input give you smoother, clearer movement for responsive gameplay.

PlayStation®5 and ZH8/XH90 support 4K/120fps gaming.

Bring action to life with 8K

With incredibly high resolution, our 8K TVs immerse you in worlds of unbelievable depth and detail.

8K output is available with PlayStation®5 and ZH8.

Lion's head comparison showing 4K and 8K resolution.
Captivating gaming contrast

Conventional TVs use just one row of LEDs; Sony’s Full Array LED places them across the whole screen, each zone individually controlled to make dark areas darker, light areas lighter, and reveal every detail of the alternate universe you’ve stepped into.

Multi-dimensional sound

Our revered Acoustic Multi-Audio™ technology uses sound positioning tweeters to deliver precisely controlled, high-quality audio from the exact point it’s happening within the scene. The result is immersive, dynamic gaming, with everything you see matching up to what you hear.

Acoustic Multi Audio is available on screen sizes 55" and above on XH95 and available on screen sizes 65" and above on XH90.

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that are Ready for PlayStation 5
XH90 Series – play how the creator intended

Explore the details in the shadows and enjoy stunning peaks of brightness in Full Array LED; hear each sound from exactly where it’s happening on the screen with our Acoustic Multi-Audio™. On the XH90, you can embrace every element of the game to the max.

Acoustic Multi Audio is only available on screen sizes 55" and above on XH90.

* Feature availability depends on model.* PS5™ game supporting 8K required.* Display of 8K game images from PS5™ will be available via a future firmware update on BRAVIA TV.  

ZH8- Bring action to life with 8K

See games come alive on the ZH8 in spectacular 8K resolution. Full array LED brings out the finest details with a vast array of real-world colors and deep contrast and with Acoustic Multi Audio technology, sound comes directly from the screen to match the action.

Perfect for PlayStation®

Using advanced picture and audio technologies, Sony BRAVIA® brings games to life, delivering vibrant, vivid visuals with three-dimensional, atmospheric sound.

Perfect for Playstation


Our best 4K LCD – XH95 Series

Fuelled by X1 UltimateTM – the same powerful processor that drives our 8K TVs – the XH95 delivers supreme picture quality, working with our sound-from-picture technology to really put you in the zone.  11

A8 Series – powerful, beautiful OLED

With over 8 million self-illuminated, individually controlled OLED pixels, you’ll see purer brights and deeper blacks on the A8, adding a whole new level of depth, texture and realism to the games you play.