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Voice Search

Find the content that you want easily and hands-free with your voice thanks to integrated Google Assistant.

Quickly search for the content you want to see

Since BRAVIA has a built-in microphone, you can operate it without a remote control, hands-free.

Find the movie you want to watch, your favourite TV show, or answer a Google question simply by pressing the [Microphone] button on the remote control or by talking to the BRAVIA itself (hands-free search *).

*Not available for X80J

You can search in conversational format

Search in conversational format – by asking a question e.g. What is the time in New York?

You can start by asking a question e.g. :

You: Who’s the president of___?

Google Assistant: The president of___is___.

You: Where is he from?

Google Assistant: He is from___.

You: How old is he?

Google Assistant: He is___years old.

You can search by relevant content

Search by relevant content – by specifying the movie you want to watch for example.

You: I want to watch a horror movie on Netflix.

(The search result shows horror movies available on Netflix.)

You: Please play the third movie.

You can specify the movie with your voice.

Supported apps are YouTube™ and Netflix (Information as of April 2021)

Want to search for your favourite content, such as YouTube videos or find out sports scores without the remote control? All you need to do is face your TV and say “Hi Google..”.  Adjust the volume of your BRAVIA this way and change channels.

Setting method

The following settings are required to use the hands-free function.

Bravia must be connected to the internet. See the following page for how to connect to the internet.

Connect with Google TV ™ / Android TV ™ wireless LAN built-in model (2015-2021 model)

Turn on the main body microphone button on the main body of BRAVIA

Turn on the BRAVIA main unit microphone button and follow the on-screen instructions to set.

If you talk to "hint", BRAVIA will suggest a command example

Input switching and image quality change can also be set by voice.

Easy control of compatible household devices with BRAVIA

With BRAVIA equipped with Google Assistant, you can operate various compatible devices with your voice such as iRobot’s Roomba. Google Assistant does this through an infrared smart remote control.

Press the "Google Assistant" button on the remote control of iRobot's Roomba that supports Google Assistant, or by saying "OK Google, Clean" directly to the TV.


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