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Streaming Services

Your BRAVIA TV delivers you the best in content and entertainment. Enjoy hundreds of apps and games with the biggest 4K providers at a touch of a button.

Get the most from our streaming services with three different types of home screen.

Home Screens

The home screen you use for BRAVIA with the Google TV ™ function differs depending on your Internet connection and if you are logged into your Google account or not.

1. “Main mode" where you can use the full functionality

If you connect to the Internet and log in with your Google account, you will be in main mode. By using it in the main mode, your favorite recommended content will be displayed on the home screen based on your viewing history.

We recommend using "Main Mode" to maximize the appeal of BRAVIA with Google TV ™ function.

2. “App mode" that does not leave viewing history

In this mode, the viewing history of the content is not displayed or recorded on the home screen. You can access each app directly. You can turn on [Settings]-[Accounts and Login]-"Select Account"-"App Only Mode".

3. "Basic mode" with limited functions

Voice search is not available in basic mode. If you are not connected to the Internet or logged in with your Google account, some functions will be restricted.

Link content found on your smartphone with BRAVIA

Log in to BRAVIA with Google TV ™ with the same Google account as your smartphone. Simply search on your smartphone and add the found content to the "wish list", and the content will be displayed on the TV in conjunction with it (*) , Saving You The Trouble Of Searching Later.

* You Need To Search With Google Engine To Add To "Wish List"

* Linked Content Will Be Displayed In The Library Tab Of The TV

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