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Top 2015 Music Albums from Blue Coast Records

With so many High-Resolution Audio download websites out there, it’s hard to know exactly which one will fit your needs. Will it have the file formats you want, the artists you love and the music genres you cherish? Sony reached out to Blue Coast Records, a music downloading website that does things a little differently.

Blue Coast Records is known for its acoustic music and has developed its own recording style called Extended Sound Environment.

“We specialize in the distribution of acoustic music worldwide,” said Cookie Marenco, founder of Blue Coast Records. “Our flagship label, Blue Coast Records, features downloadable music that is performed live and without headphones or overdubs, requiring excellence by its performers and recording engineers. Blue Coast Records releases in DSD, Double and Quad DSD.”

Although Blue Coast Records specializes in acoustic music, they have partnered with Downloads NOW! to cater to people with all kinds of music tastes. You can find top music albums across all genres on Blue Coast Records’ website, including jazz, classical, Americana and rock. Tracks from the San Francisco Symphony, IsoMike and Mack Avenue are also available in the Blue Coast Records high-resolution music catalog.

Here are 2015’s 10 most popular High-Resolution Audio albums available for download on Blue Coast Records:

1. “Blue Coast Collection—The E.S.E. Sessions Remastered”

Artist: Various Artists

Blue Coast Collection was the label’s first release, and was recorded without the use of headphones, overdubs or digital effects. This unique approach led to a patent-pending recording technique called Extended Sound Environment, which relies on creating balanced dynamics. Extended Sound Environment requires musicians of the highest caliber since no corrections or vocal fixing overdubs are allowed.

2. “Blue Coast Collection 2”

Artist: Various Artists

As a follow-up to the popular first collection, this album features a lineup of emotionally packed and sonically stunning songs. All performances were remastered for the CD and SACD versions, and some songs have never been previously released!

3. “Signature—Solo”

Artist: Fiona Joy

This is Fiona Joy’s first solo piano album recorded live to analog tape. It was also Blue Coast Records’ first native double DSD release. Fiona Joy has several award-winning acoustic instrumental albums produced by Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records.

4. “Jenna Mammina and Rolf Sturm Live”

Artist: Jenna Mammina and Rolf Sturm

Jenna and Rolf are a relatively new duo, but their friendship has spanned 20 years, starting from when they first met at a rehearsal for a rock orchestra called Illuminati. Though they both went on to pursue independent careers, last year they decided that it was finally time to start working together as a team.

5. “Quiles & Cloud — Live at Newport Beach”

Artist: Quiles & Cloud

San Francisco-based Quiles & Cloud features two guitarists and one upright bassist who have toured all over the U.S. and several other countries. This specific album showcases live performances recorded in Newport Beach. It features a mix of songs from both of their albums, “Long Time Coming” and “Seminole Star.”

6. “Julian Müller”

Artist: Julian Müller

A good friend of Quiles & Cloud, Julian Müller is one of Blue Coast Records’ newest singer-songwriter artists. Breaking out into the solo spotlight, Müller has gone from singing background vocals for Quiles & Cloud to creating his own album. Known as the “male Norah Jones,” Müller performs songs that are about love lost and found again.

7. “The NPR Sessions Special Event 21”

Artist: Keith Greeninger, Brain, Chris Kee

This album is the result of Cookie Marenco’s interview with NPR. Marenco decided that, in addition to just talking about High-Resolution Audio, she would also bring musicians along so that the interviewer could see the magic of recording high-quality music up close. This album features musicians Keith Greeninger, Brain and Chris Kee.

8. “Tony Furtado Live in the Studio”

Artist: Tony Furtado

Master slide guitarist Tony Furtado performs some classic blues hits and original recordings in this album. The recording is direct to DSD with no editing or overdubs — just raw talent. But it’s not all guitar — this two-time national banjo champ also shows off his banjo skills in a few pieces.

9. “Alex De Grassi Live”

Artist: Alex de Grassi

One of the founding artists for Windham Hill Records, Alex de Grassi is known for his groundbreaking acoustic guitar performances. Cookie Marenco recorded an album for Windham Hill 20 years ago and decided it was time to do it again.

10. “While She Sleeps”

Artist: Art Lande

Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Art Lande recorded this album on an 1885 Steinway piano without any studio enhancements — meaning no equalization, compression or reverb. Lande has mastered key control and pedaling, which can be heard loud and clear in “While She Sleeps.”

Both audiophiles and music lovers will be blown away by Blue Coast Records’ talented musicians. Now you can freshen up your portable music library on your ZX2 Walkman® with these classic, high-quality tunes. Or if you are relaxing at home, add your new songs to the HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player, which can support Blue Coast Records’ DSD files.

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