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4K picture perfection

Big, bold and beautiful—embrace the ultimate expression of BRAVIA picture quality in unequalled 4K detail.

215 cm (85'')




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Power Consumption (in standby)
Display resolution (H x V, pixels)
4K UltraHD (3840 x 2160)
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Four times the detail of Full HD

Real-life clarity from the unique Sony 4K processing

Take your viewing into an exciting new era. 4K images contain over 8 million individual pixels. That’s four times more detail than Full HD. Advanced processing ensures that every single pixel displays images with superb quality.

Pixelated photo of a girl drinking coffee with a zoom view of her eye
Pixelated photo of a girl drinking coffee with a zoom view of her eye

Forget you're watching TV

Sit closer, see more, miss nothing

Quadrupling the detail of Full HD, 4K gives stunningly natural images. Dramatically higher image quality means that you can sit closer to the screen, filling more of your field of view, and you’re enjoying an at-the-movies experience.

  • 4K view
  • HD view

The world of 4K right in front of you

There’s no need to wait to start enjoying 4K—it’s here now.

Immerse yourself in the detail of 4K movies; enjoy stunningly beautiful photographs shot in 4K and capture your precious memories with a 4K recording device. The new 4K BRAVIA series is also compatible with future 4K standards.

4K movies

Enjoy your favourite movies in beautiful 4K detail and depth for a truly immersive experience.

4K photos

Show and share your photography skills with stunning photos in 4K.

4K video

Bring out the pro cinematographer in you when you capture memories with a 4K recording device.

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Accommodates future 4K format

This television supports the HEVC codec, the upcoming standard for 4K video distribution—so you’re covered for future tech changes.

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Smoother 4K/60p action

New HDMI standard lets you watch sports in 4K/60p detail with smoother, less blurry images—and more realism and excitement.

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Show smartphone photos in 4K

Both photos and videos from your smartphone can be displayed in rich 4K on this TV, thanks to the latest MHL 3.O capabilities.

Watch it. The way you really see it.

The dynamic range more closely matches what the eye perceives.

Three key features combine to create an amazing picture: X-tended Dynamic Range™ Pro provides three times the brightness, the TRILUMINOS™ Display delivers rich, vivid colours and X-Reality™ Pro ensures stunning detail.

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Triple brilliance

With higher peaks and deeper blacks, the backlighting algorithm gives a brightness range three times wider than a standard LED TV.

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Enhance everything up to 4K quality

Discover a new world of detail, whether in 4K, HD, or any other resolution: everything's upscaled beautifully with the powerful processing engine. Scenes are analysed and matched with a database to enhance colours, contrast and lifelike texture.

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Colours that come alive

Evoke the emotion in every scene with vivid reds and emerald greens; view photos/videos captured by Sony TRILUMINOS™ cameras.

Best brightness ever—capturing every shade of light

The unique backlighting algorithm lets you see a brightness range three times wider than a conventional LED TV. Experience true brilliance in every scene, where each gradation shines under a new light for more detail and more colour.

Opera singer low quality
Conventional LED TV
Opera singer high quality
BRAVIA with X-Tended Dynamic Range™ Pro

Deeper blacks, more detailed gradation

Variable backlight brightness with peaking

By minimising light leakage and managing backlight levels for each screen area, X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO can capture wider extremes of light on screen.

Stunning detail from whatever you’re watching

Experience stunning picture quality—from Blu-ray Discs and regular TV broadcasts to web videos and smartphone clips. Sony unique processing engine analyses, cleans and refines images for beautiful results, with dramatically reduced picture noise for the truest quality of Full HD.

  • TV and soundbar shown on white table with backyard backdropBlu-ray films
  • Video game scene displaying detailed graphicsGames
  • YouTube selection of videos on TV screenInternet video
  • Couple enjoying photo albums on the sofaPhotos

Colours that come alive

BRAVIA brings all the colour you've dreamed of. Evoke every emotion with rich, vivid reds and emerald greens. You'll also get great results if you're viewing photos and videos captured by cameras and camcorders from Sony with TRILUMINOS™ Colour.

Roses high quality
Roses low quality
Pencils high quality


A wider colour space can be compared to having more coloured pencils to draw with.

Pencils low quality

Conventional white LED

A narrower space can be compared to having fewer coloured pencils to draw.


Realistic feel, great detail

Watch 3D films on Blu-ray, 3D TV broadcasts, and web videos with finely detailed 3D images, all with a more natural depth of field.


Smoother on-screen movement

Whatever you’re watching, you’ll enjoy a silk-smooth on-screen look in fast-moving action sequences with Motionflow XR technology.

Made to listen


Make your listening as lifelike as your viewing. ClearAudio+ fine-tunes TV sound for an immersive, emotionally enriching experience that seems to surround you. Hear music, dialogue and surround effects with greater clarity and separation, whatever you’re watching.

S-Force Front Surround

Processing audio signals to create an immersive listening experience. Direct multi-channel processing ensures realistically clear, powerful 360° surround sound.

Clear Phase

Fine-tunes TV speakers' frequency response for smoother, more balanced reproduction of all frequencies – lows, mids and highs.

Voice Zoom

Dialogue and speech are clearer and easier to understand, even when other background sounds are loud or distracting.

Clear highs, deep lows

Long Duct Speaker

Hear clear, full-range sound that comes from a long duct inside the high-capacity speaker design. Audio frequencies resonate accurately through its extended, pipe-like structure, to deliver pure, solid bass with all your favourite entertainment.

long duct speaker drawing

Flick. Find. Fast.

Speed illustration

Quick Start

Turn on your TV in an instant—often under two seconds. Then access Internet content in another second. Every action, every application is quicker than ever, so you can enjoy and explore your content whenever you want.

Flick. Find. Fast.

Flick through channels, videos, photos on your network or even web content like YouTube™ or PlayStation Video. Find your favourites instantly with quick TV start-up and speedy app launch.

Watch together from miles apart

Share the moment with the world.

Experience the fun together: enhance your TV enjoyment by following tweets from around the world. Just choose your keyword, and see comments relating to the show you're watching flow across the screen. TV has never been so social.

For all football addicts

More than a stadium surround experience.

Get the match-day experience. Live Football Mode automatically adjusts sound settings so they're closer to an authentic stadium experience. The sleek new interface even integrates news and highlights from various sources.

  • Live Football Mode
  • Sound Technology
  • Remote access
Share and view photos on the curved TV via a smartphone

Make the moment yours

Send a photo, share a photo, grab a photo

Enjoy photos from your Android or iOS devices* on the big screen. Grab your favourites off the TV as friends share special memories — using up to 10 devices.

*Android 2.3 and above

*iOS5 and above

See what’s out there

Bring all your favourite online content to the big screen. From movies to catch-up TV, tomusic, to the latest YouTube™ videos, it’s all here.

  • Movies
  • Albums
Specifications & Features
Backlight type
Aspect Ratio
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Over 1 million
Triluminos™ Display

What's in the Box

Port Replicator, Touchpad Remote Control (RMF-ED004), Remote Control, 3D Glasses (TDG-BT400A x2pcs), Batteries (R03 x 2), AC Power Cord, Screws, Operating Instructions, Quick Setup Guide / Supplement CUE (GA), Table Top Stand (attached), *Items may vary by country and model.

Designed with the environment in mind


Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities.

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  • Dynamic Backlight Control helps improve energy efficiency by adjusting backlight brightness as picture content changes.

  • Power Saving Mode helps save energy by adjusting backlight brightness.

  • Back Light Off Mode helps save energy by turning picture off which is realized by both display off on LCD panel and back-light off.


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