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How do I activate Bluetooth on my Sony headphones or earbuds?

    Connecting Bluetooth headphones: what is Bluetooth pairing? 

    Bluetooth pairing is connecting two Bluetooth devices for the first time. When you pair two Bluetooth devices, they exchange information so they connect automatically the next time. 

    Once both devices are paired, they can connect without repeating the pairing process.

    What is pairing mode: searching and finding Bluetooth devices

    To connect two Bluetooth devices, one device will search, and the other device will be discoverable:

    • The device that generates the audio (e.g. smartphone) will search. You start searching in the Bluetooth settings of that device. 
    • The device that plays the audio (e.g., headphones) must be discoverableTherefore, the headphones need to be in pairing mode

    First-time pairing versus second-time pairing 

    Many Bluetooth devices (e.g., wireless headphones) automatically go into pairing mode when you turn them ON for the very first time. In other words, they become discoverable on their own. 

    After that, you must manually activate Bluetooth pairing mode when you pair a second device. Your device won’t enter pairing mode automatically, unlike the first time.

    How to turn on Bluetooth pairing mode for Sony Headphones and Earbuds 

    Earbuds - Bluetooth pairing per model (Starts with WF) 


    Over-ear Headphones - Bluetooth pairing per model (Starts with WH)