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Tips on charging headphones (WF-1000XM4)

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    Notes when charging

    Please note the following when charging the headphones.

    • Use the supplied USB Type-C cable when charging. Charging may not be successful with cables other than the supplied USB Type-C cable.
    • When using earbud tips other than the ones supplied, the headphones may not fully seat into the charging case and, therefore, may not correctly charge.

    Wireless charging

    Wireless charging is available using a commercially available wireless charging pad that meets the Qi standard. Close the lid of the charging case and place it on the wireless charging pad with the SONY logo of the charging case facing upward to charge.

    Notes when using the wireless charging pad

    Indicator on the charging case

    You can check the status of the headphones and/or charging case by the indicator on the charging case:

    Show details on the Indicator of the charging case 

    Checking the remaining battery charge

    You can check the remaining battery charge of the headphones and/or charging case by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth

    1. Start the Headphones Connect app, then connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth.
    2. Check the remaining battery charge shown on the app.
      The remaining battery charge is displayed on the Headphones Connect app
      A: Remaining battery charge