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FES Watch U Functions & Compatibility


    • Calendar function: depends on the pattern of the watch.
      Check the Store in the "FES Closet" app for more information.

    • Pattern change
      Due to characteristics of the electronic paper used for the screen and band, changes in the display may feel slow compared to LCD panels. Additionally, if the temperature is at the lower end of the operating range, it will take longer for the display to change.

    • Time Display Mode: If you do not use the watch for a certain period, the time display will automatically deactivate. When you operate the button or put on the watch, the time will reappear. However, you may also choose to display the time continuously. This type of display does change battery life:

      • Tap (Settings) in the top right corner of the CLOSET screen.

      • Tap Watch Settings - Time Display Mode.

      • Tap Always on.

    • Stopwatch function: not available

    • Contrast function: not available


    FES Watch U compatibility

    Which version of Android OS / iOS is compatible?

    The latest version of the OS/iOS is recommended for optimal compatibility Check the application page for information on the newest version of the OS/iOS.

    For Android OS: FES Closet
    For Apple iOS: FES Closet

    >>> You can consult supported mobile devices here