Article ID : 00081084 / Last Modified : 02/11/2020

"Serious Error 5006 Contact Sony" appears when trying to refresh Internet Content

    This error is generally indicative of a poor or weak Internet connection or if the Refresh Internet Content procedure did not complete successfully.

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue. Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the status of the connection after completing each step.

    • If using a Linksys WET610N bridge adapter, ensure that the latest firmware has been downloaded for the bridge adapter in addition to following the steps below. For further information, visit the official Linksys Web site.
    • Perform a Refresh Internet Content by pressing the HOME button from the supplied remote and use the directional arrows to select the Network > Refresh Internet Content.
      • If the problem still persists, select Retry or perform Refresh Internet Content procedure again.

    If the problem persists, continue to the following steps to troubleshoot the Internet connection.

    1. Ensure that you are actively connected to the Internet using a wired router, wireless bridge, or wireless gaming adapter.
    2. Reset the network equipment such as cable modem, wired/wireless router by powering the devices off/on and then perform Refresh Internet Content procedure again.
      If using the Linksys WET610N bridge adapter, perform the reset by using a pin to hold down the Reset button for 5 seconds.
    3. If you are using a Wireless connection, try with wired connection or perform additional troubleshooting  for wireless connection. 
    4. Ensure that the Internet speed meets the recommended specification of 2.5Mb for standard definition (SD) content and 10 Mb for High Definition (HD) content.
    5. Test quality of service by checking ping, jitter and packet loss with an Internet Speed Checker .
      • Ping should be under 30 ms
      • Jitter less than 3 ms
      • Packet loss should be 0

    NOTE: To test the speed of the Internet connection, the LAN connection should be disconnected from the back of the Internet video device and connected to a computer. For assistance or questions regarding the tools required to test the speed of an Internet connection on a computer, contact the computer manufacturer or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    If the problem still persists, there may be an issue with the server or server maintenance is being performed at this time. Wait a while and perform Refresh Internet Content later.

    Reset the television to factory settings  as last option. WARNING: Resetting will erase any customized setting that have been set and a set up will be required. It may take up to 3 reset attempts for a full reset to occur.