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How to resolve if error 1106 appears when trying to view an Internet video?

    This error indicates that the Domain Name System (DNS) is unable to resolve. In this case one following errors are displayed:

    • While executing Refresh Internet Content, ''A network error has occurred "Error 1106''
    • When using You Tube App, ''The service cannot be accessed at this time.''
    • Other network applications, "A network error has occurred.''

    To solve this, check the Internet connection by pressing the Home or Menu button from the supplied remote control and select Settings > Network > Network Settings/Set-up > View Network Status > Check Connection. If any of the connection settings fail, verify that the TV is properly connected to an active Internet connection .

    Follow the next steps, if the error continues to appear.

    1. Power off the router or modem for 1 minute and then turn it on again. IMPORTANT: Wait at least 5 minutes after the power cycle before checking the Internet connection status.
    2. Take off the AC cord of the TV for 1 minute and turn it on again.
    3. Repeat the Network Setup function. The Internet connection is checked during the Network Setup process. Additionally, any issues with an old or inaccurate IP address will be resolved.
    4. Change the Default Domain Name Server (DNS) to a Public DNS .