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Common TV issues - Please identify and select your issue

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The fact that something is wrong with the video and/or sound of your TV can have many different reasons. Please select the option below that best describes your problem.

Note: In case your issue is not mentioned at all, please try to find an answer via a keyword search on the Sony Support website before contacting us. Select Support > Type model name under “Find Support” > Frequently Asked Questions > Type keyword.

Select the option below that best describes your issue


POWER ON/OFF  issue, regardless of the input used.


  • TV does not start or reboots continuously
  • Red LED is blinking
  • Remote commander is not responding

GENERAL AUDIO/VIDEO  issue = Image or sound quality problem on ALL inputs, for example:

  • Horizontal and vertical lines/bars
  • Double image, irregular shapes, spots, pixels visible
  • Completely black screen
  • Blurred picture

TV CHANNEL / SIGNAL RECEPTION  issue = All or very specific TV channels/services are missing or suffering from quality loss

  • Choppy video, audio sync issue, EPG or subtitle issue
  • Problems with Set-Top Box or smartcard
  • DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S signal reception and antenna issues
  • Tuning not possible

EXTERNAL DEVICE (e.g. DVD or BD Player, Hard Disk Drive, PC, USB stick)  issue = A problem with image or sound only exists when TV is connected to an external device

  • Affected devices include: DVD or BD Player, HDD drive, USB stick, external speakers connected via HDMI, USB, Scart...

NETWORK  issue = Problem connecting to the Internet or issue with screen mirroring, for example:

  • Wi-Fi connection problems
  • Issue with Wi-Fi Direct, MHL, NFC, home network, BIV, apps, Media Remote

ERROR code  = Error message or error code (e.g. 5006) being displayed

There may be many different reasons why you cannot correctly display content via home network. 
NOTE: On the TV models Other than Android TV™, home network is as known as DLNA.